The Roaming Pint crew consists of Brian, Maria, Buddha, and our 26’ RV, Ad Astra. We are proud Jayhawks who grew up in the Midwest. While traveling abroad we realized we had visited more countries than than US states and were motivated to see more of our own country. It wasn’t until a friend told us about his plan to but an RV and National Parks pass that we realized this was our path to do it.

We bought a 29’ foot RV with 40,000 miles on it for $10,000 and spent the next six weeks ripping everything out and renovating the entire interior. We dubbed him Stanley and hit the road on August 15, 2010, just 3 months after buying him.


Leaving from Lawrence, KS our first destination was Colorado. Since we had spent so much time renovating the RV we hadn’t really plan anything to do once we hit the road. Taking inspiration from the fact that our home town brewery (Free State Brewing link) was the community meeting place for our friends and social hub in the community we decided to visit the local brewery.

After a short nike ride we arrived at Laughing Lab Brewery and were warmly welcomed by the locals and bartender who gave us a list of things we needed to do in Colorado Springs. We spent then next day checking off the list and enjoying the inside tips before ending our trip to Garden of the Gods and another brewery nearby…so the cycle continued.

By the time we left Colorado we had visited 26 breweries and met some of the most genuine and entertaining people that #beertravel just became a part of our modus operandi: Seeking out the local craft breweries when visiting a new area. It gave us location to map to when we had no idea where we were going, and gave us a lay of the land once we arrived, while even sometimes providing a place to park for the night before planning our next move. Breweries became our visitors centers.

Now, as we approach seven years on the road we have been to over 575 breweries in 42 states, 7 countries on 4 continents.

We were enjoying the benefits of this type of travel so much that we start writing about our journeys here on The Roaming Pint and started popularizing the hash tag #beertravel.

Check out our post about our “100 breweries in 1 year Milestone” to see our list of the first 100.

If you are currently a “beer geek” or just “beer curious” this site is for you. We also love hearing from our friends while on the road! If you’ve visited a place, would like to host us in your city, have a great beer pic you want to share, or think we could use a better information for a beer destination let us know! Feedback from our beer friends is what has determined a site like this needs to exist!