Stanely our RV

Stanely our RV - as featured on Trippin with Stanley

Stanley is our 1999 – 29 foot – Ford Jayco – Class C RV. We purchased him in March 2010 for $10,000. With only 40,000 miles he was in great shape mechanically but inside was a whole different story. For the next three months we completely gutted the inside and made him a little bit more livable. To read more about the renovations and the early days of our trip you can check out our first travel blog Trippin with Stanley. You can also follow us while we are on the road on our Twitter @WhereIsStanely or on our Facebook page.

See how we took Stanley from this...

Stanley the RV renovations

Old and Ugly!


Stanley the RV is new and modern

New and Modern - Stanley was gutted and renewed. Say hello to Ernie and Buddha, our two dogs sleeping under the table.

Stanley the RV renovation

View from the front to the back where the bed was. Hello Buddha's butt!