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Beer is GOOD!

By May 12, 2011News
Beer is Good Infographic

Great infographic on the United States of GOOD Beer, brought to us by GOOD.is

Beer is Good Infographic

According to their post, a previous beer map was published by Houston Press which had a lot of pushback listing Budweiser, Keystone Light and Pabst Blue Ribbon as some states top beers. The original map was based on “out-of-state reach and recognition” with little or no recognition to quality of beer and our beloved micro-breweries. Not to mention it was an ugly eyesore of a graphic. Luckily GOOD set it all straight by asking their readers “What is the most awesome, best tasting, sustainably brewed, independently owned, community-oriented craft beer brewed in your state?” And the above infographic ensued.

We’ve had the pleasure to sample many of the winning breweries listed, for those of you keeping track, one of our personal fav’s Full Sail Brewery in Oregon, and a new favorite we just sampled over the weekend, Nimbus Brewery, in Tucson, AZ. We have yet to visit the Lucky Bucket Brewery, but since I am an Omaha native, I have had their beer many times before and I love it, so I was glad to see they won for NE. I feel bad for Idaho, as somehow they weren’t represented, but Grand Teton Brewery, in Victor, ID definitely should be on that map. Their BitchCreek and Teton Ale (and massive popcorn bar) are quite a delight! We don’t have a lot of experience with the East Coast breweries (yet) but overall I am very impressed with the winners from each state. Also HUGE props to Free State Brewery, our local hometown brewery, taking it down for Kansas. I’m so proud!!

See the full-size version of the graphic here.


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