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Beer Maps on Maps on Maps

By October 6, 2011Beer Travel, Events
TRP Map 10-01-11

As many of you might know (should know) the primary reason for us starting this website was to map out great beer destinations across the U.S. gathering information from our travels, locals and beer friends. Brewing News is a great newspaper resource that publishes regional quarterlies on craft beer. We used this early on in our trip and still seek them out today. It is a good way to see what breweries are in each state, but not helpful for the larger cities with multiple breweries. That and we are iPhone dependent. Digital is better for us.

Beer Mapping and Pub Quest are two other great resources with large databases on breweries, brewpubs, tap rooms and beer stores. Beer Advocate also has a complete directory with reviews, but you need to get a login, they lack mapping and it just takes too many clicks to get to the information you need. All of these sites fell just a little short for us and so we thought that there was room for improvement, hence, The Roaming Pint project.

TRP aims to present the most important information for a brewery, right up front you can find the phone number, location address, website, if there is food or limited hours and of course the map. Highlighted by pretty pictures, an occasional video and some features of a destination like happy hours, events or “don’t miss” tips, we try to give a thoughtful delivery for each posting. Even better, all of this is easily searchable from any page on the site (see open search tab) and if you know what you are looking for, you are only two clicks away from the map! It’s that easy.

Last week as we were preparing for GABF, I stumbled across this interactive map that shows all the breweries that were pouring in 2011.

And I couldn’t help but think of our trip, comparing where we have been with where we still need to go.

Then our friend Angela, from Nebraska Brewing Company, posted a link to the 2011 GABF Gold medal winners map and again I found myself thinking, “Ooh Chuckanut, we’ve been there! Ska Brewing Co., we are on our way!”

Since launching the site 2 months ago we have featured about 40 breweries and visited just about the same.

Hopefully by the end of 2011 we will have visited over 200 breweries and featured every single destination that we have visited. As always, we welcome suggestions. Currently, we are still in Colorado, planning on hitting up Colorado Springs over the weekend then heading west through Durango eventually making our way over to San Diego for Craft Beer Week the first week in November. Our @WhereIsStanley always has our latest location if you are curious. Thanks for following our progress!!

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