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Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery

1535 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA


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TRP has visited Mountain Sun multiple times since 2008 and most recently visited their 2 other locations, Vine Street Pub and Brewery in Denver and Southern Sun Pub and Brewery in Boulder in September 2011. This is easily one of our favorite breweries in Colorado because it feels like a home away from home. We’ve always thought this brewery has a very similar vibe/local feel like our hometown favorite Free State Brewing Co. From day one they’ve had the following mission:

To provide five-star service, fresh, high quality pub fare and finely crafted brews for affordable prices in an environment that’s comfortable like your living room.

Although you won’t find TVs in this living room, the brewery does provide a whole cabinet of games like checkers, Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble to help keep you entertained. Mountain Sun first opened their doors in Boulder in 1993, expanded to open their larger location, Southern Sun in 2002 and are just about to open their newest expansion, which will be their biggest brewery production facility to date, scheduled to open late 2011. Currently they have an annual production capacity of 3300 barrels/year. Their new brewery expansion will up their capacity to a 12 barrel brewhouse with 24 fermenters for up to 5000 barrels! All three breweries don’t currently bottle and they don’t distribute past a few special occasions, so you should definitely plan a trip to one of the three locations, with nearly 20 beers on tap at any given time, you are bound to find something you love.

The food is excellent too. Fresh, local ingredients and specials every day. Be sure to check them out on their Facebook or Twitter page, they are active daily letting you know about special tappings, great food specials and live music on select nights or check out their calendar of events.

As if our recommendation wasn’t enough to get you to this fantastic brewery, maybe their line-up of recent awards will help. Colorado Daily voted them Best Brewpub and Beer Selection 2011, while Westword voted Vine Street Pub the Best Wings 2011 in Denver and Best Beer Karma 2011. But watch out! They were also voted Best Breakup Restaurant 2011!

Be sure to bring cash with you to any of the 3 locations! They don’t accept credit cards, because they do not want to pay credit card companies (keeping it local!) but they do have ATMs if you forgot to plan ahead.
All 3 locations are open to give tours during regular hours if you just ask they would be happy to show you around.
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One Response to “Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery”

  1. Nate January 26, 2012 at 12:45 am #

    Great place! I love their Java Porter! And they sell them in mason jars!

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