RV Travel

I had never even rode in an RV the first time I test drove Stanley. The biggest vehicle I had driven before that was my first car, a 1988 Crown Victoria. I was nervous, not only about navigating this huge vehicle that also happened to be a house, but also because if everything went well […]

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Defining a “beer scene”

When you talk to fellow travelers and beer nerds enough you will undoubtedly hear the term “beer scene” every now and then. Beer enthusiasts will use it describe the general state of beer culture in an certain area. It often comes up when you are getting ready to take a vacation and someone has been […]

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Improvising on the Road

We didn’t plan on stopping in Ipswich, Massachusetts after we left Cape Cod in July of 2012. The plan was to drive straight up the coast of Massachusetts through Boston to meet friends of ours in Kennebunkport for some sun and fun. It wasn’t until we were five miles from the small New England town […]

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Beer Collaboration Part 2: Brew Day

The grain made a loud splashing sound as it hit the floor of the tiny lofted room. Maria looked up sheepishly as she was pouring a 55 lb bag of Premium Pilsner malt in the mill. The room was clouded with grain particles floating through the air as Kevin was giving us tips on how […]

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Breweries of the United States Map v2

I love it when two of my passions collide into an amalgamation of awesomeness.  In this instance I’m referring to craft beer and design. So when I saw the updated version of Pop Chart Labs epic Breweries of the United States poster I was in love. The 39″ x27″ poster maps a good number of […]

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Sssssweet Taste of Victory

You can tell Spring has sprung when the metal ting of softball bats hitting soft leather orbs fill the air. Our standard outdoor activities have only taken a slight hiatus with our nomadic wanderings as we have made a habit of migrating back to Lawrence, KS each Spring to scratch that softball itch. Before we […]

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Pints for Pets: Drinking for a Cause!

Maria and I were Juniors in college when the call of the wild started to tug at her animal owning heart strings. As it happened, our next door neighbor was in the market for a furry companion as well and so off we went to where University of Kansas students look for dogs, the Lawrence […]

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The Most Important Article On Craft Beer You WIll Read All Year

As a semi-active member of social media I have noticed a rising trend in the headlines that stream through my news feeds. These grandiose ambiguous titles that make wide sweeping claims to play on the viewer’s curiosity have an official name: click bait. Their sole purpose it to increase clicks back to the host site. […]

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Beer Collaboration Part 1: The Big Idea

Simply put, I was excited. So much so that I couldn’t really sleep that night. With visions of cracked grain and mash tuns dancing in my head I just couldn’t fall asleep. Less than five hours earlier I had learned that Maria and I will be brewing a collaboration beer with our hometown brewery, Free […]

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Behind the Scenes: The Roaming Pint Beer

When we started talking with Free State Brewing Company about making a collaboration beer for American Craft Week Maria and I definitely felt like we needed to document the experience. Luckily our friends at Handbuilt Productions were available to do a little shooting and put together this little behind the scenes teaser for our collaboration. […]

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Free State Brewing Pocket Notebooks

In honor of our collaboration beer with Free State Brewing Company (Lawrence, KS) I’m releasing a special 3-pack of up-cycled notebooks made from only Free State six-packs. Each notebook is hand made from used six-pack carriers and is filled with 30 pages of 1/4” grid paper which is then saddle stitched to create a durable […]

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Event: The Roaming Pint Firkin Tapping

American Craft Beer Week is almost here! Join us on the porch at The Free State Brewing Co. for the firkin tapping of our collaboration brew, a hoppy rye black American ale. Commemorative glasses and a band will help celebrate the occasion. This is a limited edition one-time only brew so don’t miss your chance […]

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