African Brew: Exploring the Craft of South African Beer

African Brew: Exploring the Craft of South African Beer

Join a pint-studded journey through seven provinces to meet the brewers, taste their beers and learn exactly what goes into that beverage you wouldn’t dream of braaiing (South Africa’s barbecuing tradition) without. There is also a section that covers up-and-coming breweries.

Delve deeper into food and beer pairing with delectable recipes from top South African chefs, each dish paired with a local lager or ale. And for those who don’t know the difference between the two, African Brew hopes to turn the beer novice into a connoisseur with tasting notes and troubleshooting tips showing you what to look for in your preferred pint.

Features 38 of South Africa’s microbreweries plus the cradle of beer brewing in South Africa, SAB

Includes recipes and beer pairings

Insights on home-brewing, beer recipes and step-by-step brewing guides

Contains sections on South Africa’s craft cider movement as well as mead-making

Covers the history of brewing in South Africa

Includes a look at sorghum beer brewing – both in a traditional setting and large-scale production