The BrewDogs of Colorado

The BrewDogs of Colorado

This dog book is a photographic tribute to the special relationship between Colorado’s craft brewers and their dogs. More than 200 color photos introduce readers to over 70 dogs and owners from Colorado’s craft brewing companies. This tribute is also accompanied by a foreword and photo contribution from Denver’s mayor, John Hickenlooper, a Colorado Brewpub pioneer.

Stories of life and death, survival, healing, rescue, mischief and bonding are all inside. Look for dogs catching tennis balls, playing pool and foosball. We especially hope you come to appreciate the love in these relationships and the affection expressed in phrases like, “she’s my best friend, “and “he was my first born,” or “he’s the best dog, and I love him.”

Making great beer requires dedication to the craft, and Colorado’s BrewDogs provide loyal companionship during the endless hours passed at the brewery. Learn about each brewery, and why each one is special. It should be readily apparent that each is unique in both place and community, and there is a common thread: quality beer—and they have the medals to prove it.

It is important that over half of the dogs pictured were rescued and that Colorado’s animal rescue and shelter organizations are important parts of our community. These organizations enable adoptions to be made and these special relationships to develop. In recognition of their important role, the publishers of The BrewDogs of Colorado are enabling a portion of book sales proceeds to be animal rescue organizations around Colorado.

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While the idea was not exactly born over a beer, the connection between beer and dogs is not too far “fetched”. Co-authors Brian and Becky Bennett observed that not only are most Colorado breweries dog-friendly, but a lot of beers are named after dogs. As canine lovers themselves, the idea of a book to celebrate this relationship came to fruition, and turned into a summer long project involving the whole family. With over 100 breweries in Colorado, it isn’t hard to find an award winning craft beer, and a dog that goes with it.

When daughter and co-author Lauren Olson returned home in summer ’09, after her junior year of college she inspired the start of the book. Her passion for animals and background in photography were assets as Lauren launched the Brew Dogs of Colorado effort. She met with brewers and their dogs, scheduled photo shoots and designed and conducted interviews. The learning experience went far beyond any traditional job and she was an incredible help in leading the project.

With a degree in Cultural Anthropology, sister and co-author Kristen Olson was well prepared to become the project’s northern Colorado manager where several breweries are concentrated. Interviewing, photographing and writing about the brew dogs of Colorado were her main objectives. The book became an ideal vehicle for her to connect with the growing cultural trend represented by Colorado’s micro brewing communities.

We hope that you will enjoy The Brew Dogs of Colorado! Beware, though if you ask any of the co-authors “what did you do on your summer vacation?” you will need a full pint, because you may get an earful.

Cheers, Lauren, Kristen, Becky and Brian