The Roaming Pint’s journey is funded partially on good karma and partially on freelance design work, products in our store and clicking on ads, or our Amazon links like all of our books in the bookstore. Whether you purchase that exact item or not doesn’t matter. If you go to another product from our page and buy it, Amazon tracks that you came from our site and gives us a little credit for the referral. For that we are especially thankful!

Here are some other ways you can help support The Roaming Pint on our endeavors:

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Notebooks Grab Bag - 3 packThe Roaming Pint store is full of great t-shirts and up-cycled beer box notebooks that you can’t find anywhere else. Sales of these products help keep the gas tank full. We get our t-shirts through Spreadshirt and Brian makes the notebooks by hand. When you need a new object of beer desire consider getting it from The Roaming Pint!

If you are a brewery with 6 pack or beer cases and would like custom notebooks, we can offer a discount for your store. What could be better than your beautiful beer art on a notebook, to hold all your great ideas, while supporting TRP at the same time! contact us to talk more!


The Roaming Pint attracts a great cross section of craft beer lovers and traveler’s. Advertising on our site will help spread the word of your products and/or brand. Benefits of advertising on The Roaming Pint include:
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  • Low cost per impression rates
  • Expo­sure to a large community of beer and travel enthusiasts
  • Optional placements through­out our site
  • Extended social media support through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ announcements
  • Creative advertising options such as sponsored advertisements, special promotions, event campaigns and more.
  • TRP will create your ad for free!

If you are interested in advertising on The Roaming Pint or would like consultation on social media strategies talk to us!

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If you don’t need any beer gear you can still contribute by clicking the link below before you buy anything on Amazon.
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Our sponsors help make this journey possible. Clicking on their links lets them know you appreciate their support of The Roaming Pint. If you ever purchase anything from consider clicking through to their site from ours first. If you click on a book in our bookstore, proceed with your order, you don’t even need to purchase the book, Amazon will track that we sent you to their site and we get a tiny kickback (4-6%) from the sale. It’s so easy to donate to TRP!