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Fantasy Beer Draft

By September 21, 2015Craft Beer Industry

Here’s a question for you: how does a beer geek become even geekier?
By participating in a Fantasy Beer Draft of course!

Fantasy contests are the perfect way to prove you are geekier than the other geeks around you, so when I ran across PorchDrinking.com‘s brilliant GABF Fantasy Draft I knew I had to participate.

Here’s the set-up:

The draft runs like any other fantasy sports snake-style draft would with the last pick of the first round receiving the first pick of the second round.

Our participants will score points based on how their breweries medal during the actual competition. Please note, that beers in the Great American Beer Festival are judged based on their style guidelines. So while you may be a huge fan of a crazy creative beer, it may not necessarily win due to its style category guidelines. Here’s how participants will score points.

Point breakdown:

1 point for Bronze
3 points for Silver
5 points for Gold

20 points for Brewery and Brewmaster of the Year for a Brewing Company (regardless of size)
15 points for Brewery and Brewmaster of the Year for a Brew Pub (regardless of size)

Unfortunately the day of the draft we were driving thru the middle of nowhere Utah and could barley muster enough of signal to email lists of my hopeful next picks without knowing who was already taken.

I did have the very first pick so I knew I would at least get one brewery I wanted. I debated picking somethings strategic like one of the big beers (Pabst, Coors, or Miller) because they win at least one medal every year, but ultimately went with my heart and selected Boulevard Brewing who has won at least two medals each of the last 4 years (10 total in that span).

Here are the rest of the results:
PorchDrinking's 2015 Fantasy Beer Draft

With the level beer knowledge contained in this group I’m merely hoping for good showing, so root us on as we all await medal announcements this Sunday (Sept 27).


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