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Fun with the Fort Collins Home Brewers

By September 15, 2011Events
A table full of home brew at the Liquid Poets monthly meeting.
Home brewers meet at Equinox Brewing for thier monthly meeting.

Informational segment before the serious drinking starts.

Maria and I are members of the Lawrence Home Brewers Guild and have always enjoyed our time hanging out with home brewers so I like to look up home brewers groups when we head into a new area. I was fortunate to find the Liquid Poets when we rolled into Fort Collins for a couple of days. It turned out they were having a meeting at Equinox Brewery the day we got into town (an hour after we got in town to be exact).

A table full of home brew at the Liquid Poets monthly meeting.

The beer table is central point of any home brewers meeting.

We were quickly greeted and welcomed to the group. There was about a half hour of general drinking and conversing before the meeting ramped up as everyone gathered around the home brew tasting table to share the fruits of their labor. There was a nice range of beers from light to dark and some of the more interesting beers include a strawberry wheat beer and a sour that blended three separate batches made that were brewed in 2006, 2007, 2008.

Since we didn’t have any home brew to share we brought a couple beers from our travels that we figured they didn’t get here. Our samples included the Bridge Burner from Lakefront in Milwaukee and two beers from Lucky Bucket in La Vista, NE: Certified Evil and the Pre-Prohibition Lager. All of which were well received with quite a bit of curiosity.

The atmosphere was great as everyone was sharing information and geeking out on beer. We were able to get a bunch of recommendations for the top beer destinations in the area (Ft. Collins sure has a lot! With rumors of a 10th brewery in the works!) and even got many invites to park Stanley for the week. We highly recommend seeking out homebrewers meetings if you can coordinate the time with your travels, such a great way to meet the locals and find out the can’t miss stops (Other than TRP of course!) All in all it was a great night and another reason why we love home brewers and the beer industry in general.


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