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Gift Ideas for a Beer Geek

By December 13, 2012Gift Guides
My Other Coffee is a Beer - coffee mug

The 2012 version of The Roaming Pint's annual gift guide for beer lover's.After we made last year’s gift guide for beer lovers we recognized that not all beer lovers have the same needs when it comes to enjoying their brews. Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting gift guides for different beer types including: beer aficionados, beer travelershome brewers, and beer geeks.

Gift Ideas for a Beer Geek

A “geek” is typically defined as an individual with a singular obsession. A “beer geek” is a self imposed title for an individual with an obsession for craft beer and all it’s trappings. They can commonly be found attending special cask tappings, reading blogs about the newest beer collaboration, or sporting their craft beer apparel everywhere they go.

Their obsession may give you the impression they are picky, but in reality they love all things craft beer. They love the community, the packaging, the people, and of course the beer. Beer geeks love the craft beer lifestyle as much as the beer and supporting the beer community is also important.

Beer Geek Shirts | $5 – $25
Vintage beer teesC.R.E.A.M.For the beer curious beer geek.





Beer geek shirts can run the gamut from artsy and clever to basic and crude. The key to picking a one that will fit your friends obsession is identifying aspects of the beer community that they particularly enjoy. If they love the retro brands of days past get them a $5 vintage logoed tee. If they love barrel aged beers, get the Cask shirt shown above. Pick right and they’ll wear it with pride wherever they go.

Beer Posters | $15 – $40
Many Variety of Beers poster from Pop Chart LabsBrew screenprinted posterWater, Malt, Hops, and Yeast = Beer 





If you have ever had a friend that geeks out on comic books you will know that posters are natural extension of any geeks living environment. They are a great way to liven up your living space and subtly show your passion for craft beer.

Brewheads Gear | $20 – $25

Brew Heads logoed iPhone backplateBrewheads mash paddle back snap capBrewheads t-shirts






A brewhead takes pride in the beer they drink/brew. The Brewheads brand helps them flaunt their passion by making quality products  about craft beer, brewing, and the culture around it. Fresh gear goes really well with fresh beer.


Hand made craft beer pocket notebooks (West Coast)Upcycled Beer Notebooks | $12 (3-pack)
There’s nothing more geeky than taking notes about craft beer in a notebook made out from craft beer six packs. Each 3-pack of notebooks is hand picked from US geographical region of your choice (Pacific Coast, South West, Mountain, Heartland  Midwest, South East, Mid-Atlantic, and New England). They are handmade and filled with 30 pages of grid paper for all you note taking needs.



My Other Coffee is a Beer - coffee mugBeer Lover’s Coffee Mug | $4.99
A beer geek is constantly thinking about their next hoppy conquest. Coffee may be what gets you through the day, but beer is why they are motivated to finish. Instead of hiding their passion give them a means to show it off with a coffee mug specifically for beer geeks.



Free Beer Movement Gear | $2-$25
Free Beer Movement scarfFree Beer Movement shirtFree Beer Movement patch





The Free Beer Movement is for the beer geek that also has a passion for soccer. FBM’s goal of growing an American love of soccer by buying a friend a beer and watching a match is a grass roots effort I can support. Plus, they have some pretty cool gear that any beer or soccer fan can be proud to wear.



Gift Ideas for the Female Beer Geek – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Beer geeks are beer geeks but sometimes the ladies can rock some sweet craft beer gear that the fellas can’t. Here are a couple bonus ideas for the ladies:

Women Enjoying Beer logoed t-shirtWomen Enjoying Beer shirt | $20
There’s nothing more blatant than yelling “I’m a woman and I enjoy craft beer!” A close second is wearing this shirt that says it for you. The Women Enjoying Beer organization aims to raise awareness of craft beer to women.



My Mash Tun Brings All The Boys To The Yard t-shirtMy Mash Tun Brings All The Boys To The Yard Shirt | $21
If the road to man’s heart is through his stomach then the car must be a fermented beverage. The popular song lyric by Kelis gets reworked for the female brewer and craft beer enthusiast.



Mindy's Beer Gear beer box headbandBeer Box Headband | $10
Crafty meets craft beer with these handmade beer box head bands from Mindy’s Beer Gear. A wide selection of patterns are available on her etsy shop and if you can’t find what you need she does custom orders (not guaranteed to be received by Christmas).




This concludes or beer types gift ideas. Here are the previous posts if you missed them: beer aficionadoshome travelers, and home brewers. Hoppy shopping.


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