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Gift Ideas for a Beer Traveler

By December 6, 2012Gift Guides
Fellowship of Beer Travelers t-shirt

The 2012 version of The Roaming Pint's annual gift guide for beer lover's.After we made last year’s gift guide for beer lovers we recognized that not all beer lovers have the same needs when it comes to enjoying their brews. Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting gift guides for different beer types including: beer aficionados, beer travelershome brewers, and beer geeks.

Gift Ideas for a Beer Traveler

We all tend to know someone who is in a constant state of motion. Whether for business or pleasure it seems like they are in a new city every week or in the process of planning the next big trip. If more often then not they end up at a local brewery or manage to find the hip underground beer bar in the area then they are probably a beer traveler and as such have specific beer needs.

Beer travelers like new experiences both by trying new beers and by visiting new places. The environment and atmosphere are just as important as the beers that are served. Helping a beer traveler find new beer destinations and transport their finds are good ways to ensure they will love your gift.

The easiest way to find new breweries where ever you may be.Brewery Map App | $1.99
This app is an absolute must for the craft beer lover that finds themselves traveling frequently. With a growing database of over 4,000 breweries and brew pubs the app can find all the breweries within a defined radius of your current location. It even has a road trip feature where you define your beginning and end destination and it will plot the course and all the breweries on your path. Very cool and an effective stocking. Also available on Android.

Great story of two beer traveler's year in beer.Teachings From The Tap | $15
Nothing inspires travelers to seek out beer on their journeys more than reading about others who have done just that. This book chronicles the journey’s of Merideth Canham-Nelson and her husband Chris (the Beer Geeks) on their “year in beer tour “that features a different beer trip each month. It is an easy reading book that can be delved into during long flights or quick hit while waiting for your rental car.


Beer tours are a great way to see a new city's beer scene.Craft Beer Tours | Prices vary
Craft beer tours are easily the most efficient way to experience a new city’s craft beer scene. These pre-planned tours feature stops at multiple beer venues and save you the hassle and expense of running around town in a new city. All you have to do is drink and enjoy. There are many different tour company’s through out the US in major beer meccas. A google search for “beer tour __(city)__” should let you if one exists. Here are a few that we have encountered on our travels:


A tell tale sign of a true beer traveler. Beer box luggage tags.Beer Box Luggage Tag | $22 (set of 2)
Is there a more literal symbol of beer travel than rocking luggage tags made out of up-cycled craft beer boxes? The perfect way to raise your craft beer geek flag while traveling. These tags are hand made and if you can’t find the perfect tag among the large selection of pre-made tags they take custom orders.



Resealable bottle travel bag.Reusable Bottle Protector | $9
For the beer traveler there is nothing better than finding the perfect beer in a small town brewery that you have never heard of before…but a close second is bringing the beer back to share with with friends. Sometimes this is easier said than done. These reusable bags make it easy and safe to transport your beer treasures by sealing them in these water tight containers in the off chance a leak occurs.


Fellowship of Beer Travelers t-shirtFellowship of Beer Travelers shirt | $25
Beer travelers have a shared bond and passion with other beer travelers. When they get together they exchange stories of small town breweries and obscure beer bars. This shirt is the prefect way for your beer traveler to show off their passion for seeking beer from the source. Printed on soft American Apparel shirts they look great on both men and women.



Keep an eye out for the next beer types in our series: beer aficionados, home brewers, and beer geeks.


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