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Gift Ideas for a Craft Beer Aficionado

By November 27, 2012Gift Guides
Perfect gift for the craft beer connoisseur.

The 2012 version of The Roaming Pint's annual gift guide for beer lover's.After we made last year’s gift guide for beer lovers we recognized that not all beer lovers have the same needs when it comes to enjoying their brews. Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting gift guides for different beer types including: beer aficionados, beer travelershome brewers, and beer geeks.

Gift Ideas for a Beer Aficionado

Do you have a friend or family member who spends as much time analyzing their beer as they do drinking it? Do they use words like, attenuation, lacing, or mouth feel? Odds are your friend is a beer aficionado. But never fear, just because they are they are an encyclopedia of beer knowledge doesn’t mean they are going to be hard to shop for.

The key thing to remember when shopping for a beer aficionado is they want to appreciate the entire beer drinking experience including the pour, the colors, the aroma, and of course the flavor. With that mind here are couple ideas to boost their craft beer enjoyment.


Perfect gift for the craft beer connoisseur.Spiegelau | $40

The four glass beer drinker’s set from Spiegelau is the pinnacle of beer drinking stemware. These glasses were specifically designed to provide the ideal beer drinking experience. The fine crystal walls help keep the beer’s temperature longer and enhances the aroma of the beer. If you try the same beer side by side in a Spiegelau glass and your standard shaker pint the difference will amaze you. With our limited space in the RV we don’t carry frivolous items, but we do bring the Spiegelau’s with us because they make that big of a difference.


The ultimate craft beer growler.Hydroflask | $40

The hydro flask is a dual walled stainless steel growler that addresses several of the draw backs to standard glass growlers. The dual walled system maintains the content’s temperature much longer than glass. The wide mouth cap features an industrial food grade rubber seal that prevents carbonation from escaping and the opaque exterior prevents light from skunking your beer. Perfect for taking home seasonal and small batch brews from your local brewery. (Some states prevent breweries and brew pubs from filled growlers without their logo.)


The easiest way to record your craft beer conquests.33 Beers Tasting  journal | $9 (3-pack)

These pocket sized journals are the prefect way for a beer aficionado to record their beer conquests. The books use a simple standardized system to record notes about the beer’s flavor, aroma, and ABV. It’s a great way to recall old conquests and compare them to new discoveries. I always keep one in my back pocket.



This is the ultimate guidebook by which all beers are judged...literally!BJCP Style Guidelines | $8

The BJCP Style Guidelines for Beer, Mead, & Cider, 2008 Edition is the essential reference document used by judges in evaluating beers, meads, and ciders entered in competitions. Your beer aficionado is likely familiar with all the styles under the sun, but having a reference guide handy when needed us the ultimate swag move.



Stay up to date with a steady stream of beer info.Beer Magazine Subscription | $20 – $40 a year

To maintain that endless well of craft beer knowledge an aficionado needs to stay up to date on developments in the beer community. A subscription to a beer magazine will keep a steady flow of information of new beers, breweries, and events delivered right to their mail box.



Keep an eye out for the next beer types in the series:   beer travelershome brewers, and beer geeks.


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