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Gift Ideas for a Home Brewer

By December 11, 2012Gift Guides
My Beer > Your Beer t-shirt design

The 2012 version of The Roaming Pint's annual gift guide for beer lover's.After we made last year’s gift guide for beer lovers we recognized that not all beer lovers have the same needs when it comes to enjoying their brews. Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting gift guides for different beer types including: beer aficionados, beer travelershome brewers, and beer geeks.

Gift Ideas for a Home Brewer

The Beginning Home Brewer
So you have a budding home brewer on your hands. They have felt the rush from boiling grain and hops, have tasted the fruits of their labor…and they want more. The beggining home brewer is usually a information sponge trying to learn as much as possible about their new hobby. Books and basic equipment will ensure that you are not forgotten when they become the brew master at the next big craft brewery.

Brooklyn Brew Shop's 1-Gallon Beer Making KitBrooklyn Brew Shop 1-Gallon Beer Kit | $40
Quite possibly the easiest and most inexpensive way to get into home brewing. Unlike a lot of beginner beer kits this one uses all grain and hops instead of extracts. By utilizing a small 1- gallon batch a newbie can jump right and learn the process by using a simple kitchen stove. The kit contains everything you needs from ingredients to equipment. Once you have the kit Brooklyn Brew Shop offers recipes kits as well so you don’t have to buy all the equipment each time.


The Complete Joy of Home Brewing 3rd edition coverThe Complete Joy of Homebrewing | $11
This trusted classic is essential to every home brewer’s education. Charlie Papazian, master brewer and founder and president of the American Homebrewer’s Association and Association of Brewers, wrote this every man’s intro to help spread the the joy of home brewing. It features instructions, recipes, charts, and guidelines. Everything you need to get started is here, including classic and new recipes for brewing stouts, ales, lagers, pilseners, porters, specialty beers, and honey meads.


Brew Your Own magazine's coverBrew Your Own magazine subscription | $28 for 8 issues
Brew Your Own magazine is the “largest circulation magazine for people interested in making their own great beer at home.” Each issue covers a variety of home brewing topics to help you make better beers. Recipes, how-to projects, and the advice of expert brewers will give your home brewing enthusiast new ideas and new techniques to try. Each issue includes recipes, how-to projects and expert advice to help you brew world-class beer.”


The Advanced Home Brewer
The longer you home brew the more you want to experiment. Whether it be with new ingredients, new processes, or new equipment the serious home brewing is always looking for something to advance their beer and beer knowledge. The following gift ideas will help the advanced home brewer make great beers and make a statement about their “hobby”.

Home Brewers T-Shirt | $20 -$25
You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Barley t-shirt designMy Beer > Your Beer t-shirt designC.R.E.A.M. t-shirt design





Home brewers are passionate about their hobby and don’t mind showing it off. Clever home brewing shirts are a perfect way to flaunt their love. Whether it uses home brew terms that only those in community will get or it is a little more blatant (My Beer > Your Beer) they can make their passion known without ever saying a word.


Hop RandallDraft Beer Hopback Randall | $69
The Randall was invented to impart flavors directly from the keg to glass. It rose to fame as Dogfish Head would often use this device at beer fests to add extra hop flavor to their beers. Fill it with whole leaf hops and the alcohol in the beer acts as a solvent for the hop oils. If they aren’t a hop head you can fill it will other ingredients such as fruits, spices, or even candy to give beers an extra kick.


Kegerator for craft beer loversKegerator | $360 – $600
Kegerators aren’t just for college apartments anymore. As a home brewer gains experience they usually ditch the laborious process of bottling and put their brews straight into kegs. Kegerators are the perfect way to serve these kegged beers on tap by keeping the beer at a constant temperature and pressure. This is no stocking stuffer, but getting a home brewer a kegerator will ensure you stay permanently in their good graces and gives you an automatic pass to front of the beer line.


Grow It Beer Hops KitGrow Your Own Beer Hops Kit | $12.99
The next step in home brewing geek status is not only making your beer but growing the hops that you you put into it. Hops are an essential ingredient in practically every beer style and the act of growing your own adds an extra touch to a your home brews. With this kit you just add water to a compost disk, plant the seeds, and watch your hops grow.



Keep an eye out for the next beer types in our series: beer aficionados beer travelers, and beer geeks.



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