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Sunday is a Hashing Day!!

By April 8, 2012Beer Travel

I think we can all agree that traveling is a great way to get away from the normal day to day routine and explore new places. Experiencing new things and meeting new people is what helps expand your horizons. Maria and I use our pursuit of great beer destinations as one method for exploring new cities and meeting like minded people, but there is another way to explore a new place, drink, and meet great people…Hashing.

On-On Hash House Harriers

The On-On foot is a traditional symbol of hashing.

What is a hashing you say? Well, let me tell you:
The Hash House Harriers “is an international group of non-competitive running, social and drinking clubs. An event organized by a club is known as a Hash or Hash Run, with participants calling themselves Hashers.” (-Wiki) Simply put, with the ones we’ve encountered anyway, it’s a drinking group with a running problem.

A hash begins with a couple of hares that set out ahead of the pack and lay a trail using a series of symbols, usually with flour or chalk (ROCK CHALK) to mark the way. However, the hares will try to trick you by setting false trails and include obstacles both man made and natural. Trails can be laid anywhere including wooded areas and urban environments. Everyone goes at their own pace and a well laid trail will have all participants reaching the finish at about the same time.

The Hash House Harriers banner at Love Joy's Brewery Bar

The Hash House Harriers banner at Love Joy's Brewery

It is important to note that drinking is a integral part of these events and is enjoyed prior to, during, and after each run. Drinks can range from cheap beer, to craft beer, to liquor, to Jello shots. While craft beer isn’t necessarily at the fore front of everyone’s mind we have found that the runs we have been on usually included some local beers, sometimes even kegs! When we hashed in Austin, they had a keg donated to them from Saint Arnold’s Brewery!! In Austin, the official hash bar is LoveJoy’s Brewery and Lagunitas sponsors the Gypsy hashers in Northern Cali!

Maria and I were first introduced to hashing by our nomadic friends, Bill and Debby, more appropriately known as Lyktonite and eXceSs, while in Phoenix. The trail led us through downtown and at one point we were drinking beer on top of a parking garage with a great view of the city. After the first run we were hooked. It allowed to explore parts of the city we never would have seen, exercised when we otherwise wouldn’t have, and drink beer with some great people. That hash is what you call our mother hash (our first one) and it was a PBR hash 🙂

Hashers are like beer geeks in the sense that they have a shared a set of core values which mostly included drinking and the refusal to take anything serious. They are well known for their boastful immaturity and proudly singing songs that would make anyone blush. In fact they have a raunchy song for just about every occasion, so if you are offended easily you might not want to participate.

The great part about hashing for us travelers is that there are hashing groups all over the world and most will do a run a least once a week. Most big cities will have a Hashing group and some even have multiple. We have gotten to the point that we will look up hash groups as well as breweries when entering a new city.

So far we have done Hashes in Austin, Pensacola, Phoenix and Tempe and just this last week did one in Cedar Key, FL, quite possibly the first ever done in Cedar Key, FL! Hared by none other than our good friends, Lyktonite and eXceSs, Here are a couple of pics from our new friend Pat Bonish, from Every Mile is a Memory blog, also fellow RVers currently managing the Low Key Hideaway and my favorite part of Cedar Key, the Tiki Bar!

Our Hares: Lyktonite

... and eXceSs

Our first hash in Cedar Key, FL was a red and blue hash in honor of our beloved Jayhawks making it to the National Championship!!

Getting the virgin's warmed up. Just Dennis loves two finger day.

Chalk Talk (ROCK CHALK!) explaining the marks on trail. Just Ernie (our dog) is an attentive listener. On On!!

And we're off. Just Brian and Just Ernie on trail.

Just Amy kickin' everyone's ass on trail.

The newbie hashers at their first beer near.

Just Dennis and Just Jeanette exercising their right to walk the trail.

Just Ernie vomits at our second beer near. Too much partying for this crazy animal!

Our first hash is complete, everyone found the on in and got in circle

Just Dennis being called out in circle results in multiple "down downs"

Fashion on trail! Skirts, Belts and Hawks galore! Strike a pose.

Just Brian... not Just Brian anymore!! He's been named...

…So are any of our faithful readers hashers as well???


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