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It's Times Like These…

By October 28, 2011Whatchamacallit
Sucuri Security for your Website

It is times like these that I am thankful I’ve chosen to immerse myself in the craft beer industry and do what we are doing. Last week a Facebook Fan of TRP posted a message on our wall…

damn hackers

Not exactly the thing you want to see when you log in to your Facebook page. At first I thought our site would come up looking crazy, so I immediately pulled it up and everything seemed fine. Huh. I’ve never dealt with website hacks before. Wonder what browser she was using? We are both on Mac’s so all our tests only deal with Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Well, as it turns out our site was hacked and the hacks were specifically targeting IE users, which is why we never detected it. I used a service called Sucuri to do a scan of our website and just about every page had suspicious code on it. Luckily, Sucuri is an awesome service that will scan your website multiple times daily and automatically clean up any viruses or suspicious code it finds, also doing backups of our site. This was very good timing as Brian and I have been working the past two weeks to get eCommerce implemented in our site so we can finally start selling all these notebooks Brian has been making for a while.

Normally I would think that having viruses on your site is bad publicity and not something you’d want to announce, but today I can happily announce that our site is hack free and will be from here on out thanks to Sucuri. If anyone out there runs their own website, I encourage you to look into this before it is too late. You always hear about this shit but you never think it will happen to you. Well, it happened to us and thanks to Jessica for giving us the heads up, before TRP infected all of your computers! Even if you don’t own a website it is always a good idea to do a scan every once and a while to your computer, yes, even you Mac users. I always thought Mac’s never had problems like this, because hackers were always bored, loser PC users, but we are just as vulnerable as the next guy.

So after all that, why do I say I am thankful for times like these to be in the craft beer industry, spending all my time running a website that barely makes me any money?!?! Because after all this shit… I NEED A BEER!!

[box]Thanks for sticking with us through this, I hope none of you experienced any issues while we were under attack. If you did, let me know, we owe you a pint or something.[/box]

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