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Meet the Beer Traveler: Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown: Adventurer, Photographer, Beer Traveler

Q. Tell us about yourself in 140 characters or less. OR in a haiku
A. I’m a full time software engineer that loves travel and photography. Much of our travel is done out of a 1968 canned ham camping trailer.

Dustin Brown: Adventurer, Photographer, Beer Traveler

Dustin Brown: Adventurer, Photographer, Beer Traveler

Q. What are your three favorite things?

  1. The Mountains
  2. Bluegrass Music
  3. Camping

Q. If beer drinking was your “job” what title would you give yourself? If beer drinking is your job, tell us more!
A.  Beerographer – One who gets paid to photograph craft beer.

Q. Why do you travel?
A.  My work keeps me very tied to the computer and all things in the virtual world.  When traveling I do everything I can to disconnect and experience the real things of the world.  Hitting up new breweries is always on the todo list when traveling.

Dustin (second from the right) enjoying beers with friends at mountain Sun Brewery in Boulder, CO.

Dustin (second from the right) enjoying beers with friends at Mountain Sun Brewery in Boulder, CO.

Q. How long have you been seeking out craft beer when you travel? What was your first craft beer travel memory?
A.  It probably all started in earnest 5 or 6 years ago.  We were in Colorado with a few friends and on our way back to Kansas from Estes Park we decided to hit as many breweries as we could.  We started at Budweiser and then went Coopersmith’s Brewing for lunch.  We followed lunch up with a tour and tasting at New Belgium.  Assuming you can convince a friend to be your DD for a day this was a great way to make the drive from Fort Collins to Lawrence go by quite quickly.

Q. Where all have you been? What breweries have you visited?
A. My wife and I have a goal to visit all 50 states and to ideally visit breweries in each as well.  We have probably most extensively toured the breweries across Colorado.

Q. What do you look for in a beer destination when you travel?
A. Density of great beer is always in play when we are picking out a travel destination.  Places like Fort Collins always come to mind where you might have 5 or 6 great breweries that are nearly within walking distance.  That is usually a good sign that the town and the people are going to be a good fit.

A pint at Maui Brewing Co.

A pint at Maui Brewing Co.

Q. What are some of your favorite breweries that you have visited?
A. It may be lame since they are nearly in our back yard but the tour of Boulevard Brewing is one of the best ones we have been on.  Maui brewing had the best location by far.  Atlantic brewing in Maine had some of the most interesting beer we have encountered.  They use fresh blueberries to make a blueberry ale that is hard to beat.

Q. How do you find craft beer when you travel?
A.  I’m always quick to hit up the bar tender or server at a local restaurant for suggestions.  I’ll also admit to just putting brewery into a google maps search and driving around until we find something that looks interesting.  This has led us to a lot of warehouses and other places that don’t resemble a tasting room, but every once and a while you luck out and find a hole in the wall brewery that will let you taste some beer.


Left Hand Brewing in Longmont, CO

Taster tray at Left Hand Brewing in Longmont, CO

Favorite Beer City to travel to:
A.  Fort Collins/Longmont area of Colorado

Best Beer State in your opinion:

A.  Colorado takes it for me here too.  It is easy for us to travel to and beer combined with mountain culture really makes a trip for me.

Brewery you want to visit:
A.  Kona Brewing would be high on our list.  We love the Big Island of Hawaii so visiting this brewery might be enough to justify another trip.

Tell us about your most memorable brewery visit:
A. One trip to Breckenridge Brewing really sticks in my mind.  We were heading out to Colorado for a backpacking weekend in January. What could go wrong, right?  It was snowing and we had been driving all day.  While looking at the final directions to the trail head we realized that it was only a mile from the brewery.  The plan was to just setup camp at the trailhead and leave the next morning so the brewery seemed like the best place to get out of the weather for a bit.  After spending as much time as possible at the brewery we headed out to make camp.  It seemed cold but with our beer jackets on we didn’t really notice how cold… When we woke up the next morning we realized it was REALLY cold.  -10 degrees kind of cold.  The hiking was a bust but it just justified a brewery lunch as well.

Q. What do you look for when deciding what pint to pour next?
A.  I’ll admit I’m a label guy.  I almost always grab a new 6 pack along with an old standby every trip to the liquor store.  I do usually pick the label that looks the best.  Throw a mountain and a moose on the label and you will probably find it in our fridge.

Q. What is the most unique beer you’ve enjoyed?
A.  Arrogant Bastard Ale mostly just because I enjoy the label as well.  I take their slogan of “You won’t like this beer” as a challenge.

Boulevard's Single Wide IPA Trailer

Boulevard's Single Wide IPA Trailer

Q. If you could have dinner and beers with anyone in the craft beer industry, who would it be and where would you go?
A.  I would have to go local on this one and talk with the brewers at Boulevard Brewing at their Muehlebach Suite.  Since it holds 225 people I might need to bring a few friends to fill it out as well.  I’d like to find out more about their inspiration for the Single Wide IPA label.  It seems that we own the camper on the label.

Dustin's canned ham trailer.

Dustin's canned ham trailer.


Q. Where can we find more about you online? Twitter/Facebook/Website etc.
A.  We document many of our travels via our design and photography business, TriArctic Designs & Photography (http://www.triarctic.com).  Links there to facebook, twitter, and our blog showcase our photography and travels.


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