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Meet the Featured RV Beer Travelers: Technomadia

Meet Chris and Cherie of Technomadia
Meet Chris and Cherie of Technomadia

Meet Chris and Cherie of Technomadia

Q. Tell us about yourself in 140 characters or less. OR in a haiku

A. We are technomads – technology enabled nomads. We’ve been on the road full time since 2006, embracing nomadic serendipity.

Q. What are your three favorite things?

A. Serendipity, Gadgets and Cats (Kiki made us say that).

Q. If beer drinking was your “job” what title would you give yourself?

A. Hop Inspector

Q. Tell us… what compelled you to get on the road? How long have you been nomads and what do you travel in?

Chris started off solo in April 2006 in a tiny 16’ T@b teardrop trailer after leaving behind his Silicon Valley mobile tech career. He had always held a technomadic lifestyle as a goal, having long ago been inspired by Steve Roberts (the original technomad).

We met soon after, on a Prius forum no less. Cherie had been living in Florida running her software development business from her home. As her business was mobile friendly, she decided to sell everything and move aboard the T@b. (We still run that business today.)

45’ square feet of living space proved to be a touch too small, so we commissioned a 17’ fiberglass egg to be custom built for us. We traveled in our sweet solar powered Oliver for 3 more years, before ditching the mainland for a winter living in a treehouse cottage in the US Virgin Islands (after confirming craft beer was available on island).

When we returned, we got an unsolicited offer we couldn’t refuse on our Oliver – and decided to try out something new to us. After delivering the trailer and becoming homeless, we hopped on Amtrak and rode the rails hunting for a vintage bus. We ended up buying a 1961 GM 4106 bus that had already been converted to be an RV – and we’ve been working on updating her ever since. When we get done, it’ll be a high-tech, off-grid, solar powered pimped out home on wheels.

Q. How long have you been seeking out craft beer when you travel? What was your first craft beer travel memory?

At our housewarming party when we moved in to our Oliver Travel Trailer in 2008, a friend gifted a couple bottles of his homebrew. Being total beer-noobs, we had no clue what we were getting ourselves into. We drove on and arrived to our next location – which happened to be a rendezvous with another fellow RVing technomad. When we learned he was a major craft beer enthusiast, we brought out our homebrew gift to share.

We opened it with pride to share with a friend, and try to impress him that we had such a craft on board.

After traveling in the trailer for hundreds of miles – the bottle foamed upon opening. And it kept foaming and foaming and foaming. We each took turns locking our lips over the beer bottle neck, sucking up the foam that kept erupting. Soon we were all dripping foam from our chins and laughing so hard at the imagined scene that might have looked like a bad porno to an outsider.

The beer was good, but more importantly – it opened the door to a long weekend of being introduced to craft beers from our friend. It sparked our fascination with learning and seeking out awesome beer experiences.

Chris and Cherie with nomadic friends Ben and Karen

Q. Where all have you been? What breweries have you visited?

Our travels have taken us all over the USA – over 75,000 miles criss-crossing the country. And to the US Virgin Islands. We take every opportunity we get to stop in a brewhouse and sample the local hops and have now visited more than we can count.

Some of our most memorable breweries in the journey have been:

Stone Brewery – Escondido, CA

SKA Brewery – Durango, CA (we discovered we were having work done our bus right next door!)

St. John Brewers – St. John, USVI

Schlafly’s – St. Louis, MO

21st Amendment – San Francisco, CA

Ninkasi Brewery – Eugene, OR

Q. What do you look for in a beer destination when you travel?

A. Beer (duh) & Bus Parking (Overnight parking so we can drink without worrying about driving is a super double bonus!)

Q. How do you find craft beer when you travel?

A. There’s an app for that! We use the ‘Find Craft Beer’ app on the iPhone (nifty title, eh?). But more often than not, we follow serendipity (or or noses).

Favorite Beer City to travel to:

A. San Diego, St. Louis, Portland… what is up with this ‘favorite’ thing anyway? Nomadism is about being able to embrace the power of ‘AND’. 🙂

Best Beer State in your opinion:

Not Utah .. or Kansas.

We actually wrote an iPhone app of our own after discovering the widely varying state laws regarding alcohol called ‘State Lines’. We expanded it to cover other laws that affect travelers – like cell phones & driving, seat belts, overnighting in rest areas, etc. But really, it was all inspired by beer. We have a free version of the app that only lists alcohol laws.

[box type=”info”]Editors Note: You two are going to have to make me change your mind about Kansas!! Utah actually has a really good craft beer scene too, surprisingly.[/box]

Brewery you want to visit:

Oh gosh… can we just answer ‘yes’ ?? 🙂 There are actually several that are on our list, including Rogue in Portland and Dogfish Head.

But as Cherie has recently developed a gluten sensitivity, we’re anxious to start checking out breweries that are making gluten free beer. Green’s, New Planet and Toleration amongst the top of the list. She’s already determined that Redbridge (available in most grocery stores) only qualifies as ‘beer-ish’. But what do you expect? It’s made by Anheuser Busch.

Tell us about your most memorable brewery visit:

We host a theme camp at Burning Man for fellow nomads, called Camp Nomadia (sadly, it will likely not come together this year due to the ticket fiasco).

In 2009 we were placed right across the street from ‘Home Brew Camp’. Non-stop always changing brew on tap, poured by God himself, for 8 days straight in the desert. Scantly clad patrons all day long. Glowing giant rubber ducks passing by.

Now you tell us, does life get any better than that?

Q. What do you look for when deciding what pint to pour next?

We’re both fans of hops. Chris leans towards the IPAs, and Cherie towards the Ambers and Pale Ales. We look for a unique flavor, and perhaps even a story from the brewmaster.

Q. What is the most unique beer you’ve enjoyed?

We love unique beers, so it’s going to be tough to come up with a single unique beer (besides, after a few.. who can remember the name??)

So how about one more unique beer experience story? Good… glad you’re agreeable 🙂

In early 2009 we were hired by a company to help launch their brand new iPhone app. They wanted a unique marketing push to get attention at MacWorld (when it was still cool). But they had little budget to do something official, like rent a booth.

So what did we do? We convinced a local tour bus company to sponsor us by giving us a double decker bus for a week. We then convinced local San Francisco DJs to come on board and spin up some epic tunes on the top deck. Then reached out to all of the after parties and became the unofficial shuttle bus between the conference and outside events.

We had a roving DJd dance party on a bus.. for a week. (And, and we demo’d the app the whole time on a giant big screen). We got written up in all sorts of media and made a huge splash. The app got tons of downloads.

Aside from avoiding getting arrested or banned from MacWorld’s driveway (we actually got invited in) – we also managed nightly kegs of local craft brew on board.

Our favorite tweet of the night?

‘Some old dude just served me an organic Pale Ale on a bus.. this rocks!’.

Q. If you could have dinner and beers with anyone, who would it be and where would you go?


Seriously, nothing beats beer and good friends. And we love making new friends over beer! Are we coming nearby… let’s get together!

Q. Where can we find more about you online? Twitter/Facebook/Website etc.

We blog about life on the road at:


And you can find us elsewhere on:

Facebook | Twitter | Flickr | YouTube

[hr] Special thanks to Chris and Cherie for taking time to answer our questions! We love featuring beer travelers of all types, from “professional” to just starting out. Whether you’ve visited many breweries or just enjoy seeking out local craft beer when you travel, it’s just one more way to immerse yourself in the local culture and get to know the area/locals. One of the best ways in our opinion! If you know someone that you think would be interested in being a featured beer traveler, let us know! We love hearing from all types of travelers and all the great stories they have to share. Cheers to good beer!


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