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One Year Nomadaversary

By August 15, 2011Beer Travel, Events
Stanley Crew 2010

Stanley Crew 2010

Today, August 15th 2011 marks our 1 year Nomadaversary. What is this you ask? Well, it means 1 year ago today, Brian and I embarked on a road trip of a lifetime, selling most all of our stuff, moving out of our rental duplex in Lawrence, KS and moving into Stanley, our RV. It was the best idea of our lives and I strongly encourage everyone to do it. Many people think they can’t and this lifestyle certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you are even the wee-bit curious and have questions, please let us know, besides being beer advocates we are also location independence advocates as well!

Chris and Merideth are the Beer Geeks

I have already written plenty about our background, so instead I thought I would share the story of TheBeerGeek.com, comprised of Chris and Merideth, who have completely squashed the 100 breweries (we are about to hit #99 and #100 tonight) having visited OVER 600 breweries!!! And I thought we were on a roll! Not only have they traveled all over the U.S. they have also made it overseas to Europe and even Australia! TRP has yet to meet these two in person, but anyone that has traveled this much and drank this much beer most certainly should be our friends! I hope to cross paths in the near future, but for the time being I will just enjoy their company through the entertaining videos they post on BeerGeek.tv. When I first decided that there could be a better website for craft beer lovers that want to seek out good beer when they travel this was one of the first websites I found. They do an excellent job getting around and present their brewery stops in interesting ways. Definitely check out their videos and their Facebook page.

[box]Digital cheers to Chris and Merideth! Hope to meet you two soon! Keep up the good work on the videos.[/box]

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  • Chris and Merideth of BeerGeekTV have indeed been busy. But keep on truckin’. Or should we say Stanleyin’? Come see us when you’re in Southern California. We’d be proud to be added to your total, which is impressive.

    • Maria says:

      Ha! I love it! Thanks for finding us and we will most definitely seek you out next time we are in Southern Cali. most likely Nov.-Dec. later this year. Cheers!

  • Erica says:

    Congrats on your nomadversary! I’m glad I got to have a beer with you and hopefully a few more in the future. 😛

    -Your doppelganger

    • Maria says:

      Oh yes, more beers together is a must! So is meeting Brian’s doppelganger! Maybe we will have to drink doppel bocks while hanging out with our doppelgangers!

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