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Social Media and Beer Travel

By January 15, 2014Beer Travel
The check-in that connected us with the local beer scene during our beer travel in Coachella Valley.

It has been said that the more social media we consume the lonelier we become and in a sense it is true. The more we follow, comment, like, and share the less we actually interact with people. I have heard many friends and family resolve to spend less time on facebook in 2014 as they try to create more personal and physical relationships.

However, there are two edges on the social media sword. For every wasted afternoon watching and re-posting cat gifs, there are meaningful connections being made that could only occur in a digital age. People with similar interests can find each other every day and start meaningful conversations with people they have never met.

The check-in that connected us with the local beer scene during our beer travel in Coachella Valley.

The check-in that got the ball rolling.

And so it was that we ended up at bottle share with Coachella Valley’s craft beer inner circle because because of social media. A simple Untappd check-in to the area’s newest brewery, La Quinta Brewing, set the wheels in motion.

Local craft beer enthusiast the Beer Snob happened to see my check-in, looked up our website and reached out to us to record an episode of his newest project Beer Culture Webshow.

Trooper, as his friends call him, was born and raised in the area and has seen the craft beer scene grow in the last couple of years. It got it’s first two serious breweries in just the last 8 months and the bars and restaurants are opening up to the idea of local beer.

Beer travel in Coachella Valley involves a Tuesday night bottle share at Schmidy's
During the shoot for the webshow Trooper told about a craft beer tasting event that is held every week at Schmidy’s Tavern in Palm Desert. The area’s only certified cicerone holds the event each Tuesday and pours four out of state beers tasting while all the other beer geeks in attendance bring a bottle for the group to enjoy. (Our contribution was a Funkwerks Provencial and Hill Farmstead Vera Mae.)
Some of the fun we had geeking out on beer.
It was great to meet the local beer geeks and talk about the evolution of their beer scene, but the digital connection just kept coming. The Beer Goddess was one of the first people we started following as we set out into the beer blogging world and just happens to be live in Palm Desert and attends the Tuesday bottle share with regularity. After following each other online for three years technology allowed us to meet up in person and stories about getting started in craft beer blogging.

Beer travel means meet great beer people.

Great group of craft beer lovers. From left to right: Justin (Cicerone), Michelle, Erin (The Beer Goddess), Maria, Debby Kasson, Trooper (Beer Snob), Justin Kenny, Bill Kasson.

As with any tool it all depends on how you use it. While social media can slowly eat away your days it can also allow us to have these kinds of spontaneous meet ups that are only really possible in an age instant access to information. Social media keep up in tune with the beer industry and in turn makes them aware of whereabouts. So when you are updating your status make sure that you use your social networks to create real world interactions and not as a substitute for them


We enjoy staying connected in that that allows for these kinds of meet ups while we travel.


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  • Debby says:

    Coming from one who lives on the road – social media actually helps me stay connected with all the people I love and care about, so you won’t find me taking that FB hiatus that so many of my friends have done. I actually have become closer with people I barely knew before embarking on our travels because I can keep abreast of what’s going on in their lives on a regular basis. It’s also allowed us to meet up with people in different parts of the country because people can keep up with our lives as well.

    Excellent night, btw!!

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