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Roam on the Range

By June 20, 2013Beer Travel, Events
In Historic Downtown Parkville, MO

When people ask us where home is, we typically reply “here…at least for a night” to start the whole we live on the road conversation. However when they ask where we’re from we immediately say Lawrence, KS even though neither of us grew up there. It is important to note that we never simply say Kansas, we need to specify the exact city because Lawrence is not like the rest of Kansas.

I got this shirt at our road warming party and it sums up Lawrence quite nicely.

I got this shirt at our road warming party and it sums up Lawrence quite nicely.

In some regards it is the anomaly of Kansas since most of the state consists of small towns, farms, and a landscape that has been proven to be flatter than a pancake. Conversely Lawrence is a liberal oasis in a very red state that has a great music scene and plenty of activity. More importantly it is home to our alma mater, The University of Kansas, Free State Brewing and the birthplace of the sport of basketball.

Needless to say that after our St. Louis visit we were really excited to get back. Lawrence is always changing due to the flux of students that are coming and going but somehow the city manages to keep the same personality. It doesn’t take long to get back in the swing of things as we proved by rolling straight to a friends softball tailgate after a 6 hour dive across Missouri.

Over the course of the next 6 weeks were able to meet up with old friends, attend a wedding, take in an MLS game, celebrate a couple birthday’s and cross three great breweries off our “long overdue” list. Instead of writing a novel on our return home I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

Parkville Micro Brew Fest (Parkville, MO)

In Historic Downtown Parkville, MO

Parkville Microbrew Fest is one of the best fests in the midwest and one of our favorites in general. We were able to meet up with friends and hang out with brewing friends from the area.

Free State Brewing Co (Lawrence, KS)

Free State Brewing is Kansas first legal brewery since prohibition

Excited to get back to our home town brewery where it all started. During our 6 week stay we probably went here about 20 times. Free State Brewing Co was teh first legal brewery in Kansas since prohibition. It is a downtown staple and channels to general vibe of the city.


The Hash House Harriers are an international drinking group with a running problem.

Pre-lubing for a hash during American Craft Beer Week with kegs of home brew. There was no Hash kennel in Lawrence when we hit the road so we were pretty pumped to join this group of wankers. (Hashing primer if none of this caption makes sense).

Hometown Love

University Daily Kansan cover story

We were featured on the cover of our old campus newspaper. Not the first time we’ve been in the University Daily Kansan but first time since graduating.  Click for full story

Out and About

Modus cans were the beer of choice.

I was able to get a couple of rounds of disc golf in with our old roommate. Did about as well as I do at ball golf…which isn’t a good thing.

Tallgrass Brewing (Manhattan, KS)

Tallgrass was one of teh first midwest breweries to adopt cans and they fill they with creative and unique beers.

Finally toured Tallgrass Brewing Company with friend TBC rep Kelly. Tallgrass is small brewery that behaves like a big one by maximizing the efficiency of their 30 barrel system.

Home Brewer’s Guild

The group that refined our beer palettes.

We met up with the Lawrence Home Brewer’s Guild after two years away. Much drinking and laughing ensued.

Sporting KC game

Proudly serving Boulevard beer.

Our first home Sporting game since we attended the opening game in their new stadium. Sporting was smart enough to partner with local regional brewery Boulevard Brewing Co to be the official beer sponsor of the team.

Boulevard Brewing Tour (Kansas City, MO)

Boulevard Brewing is the 12th biggest craft brewery in the US and make some GREAT beers.

After living in the Kansas City area for over 20 years we finally made it Boulevard Brewing Co. Assistant brewer Dustin Jamison gave us an awesome and thorough tour of this huge operation. If you ever have a chance to get one of their Smokestack Series beers…do it!


Squids in Space championship pic.

The one activity we miss most in our mobile lifestyle is playing softball. During our time back Maria and I squeezed in about 20 games each.

Blind Tiger Brewing (Topeka, KS)

Bling Tiger Brewing in Topeka, KS is just 30 minutes outside of Lawrence.

Blind Tiger Brewing in Topeka, KS is just 30 minutes outside of Lawrence and has a ton of beers on tap.

Until next time Lawrence. Rock Chalk!


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  • Nathan Butler says:

    Ska brewing is actually where a lot of the Durango H3 events start. I convinced a friend to start hashing there before she moved to Cortez.

    Nathan “Sanitary Sanchez” Butler CoMotion H3

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