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Rolling in DenBoulLins

By November 19, 2013Beer Cycling, Beer Travel
Enjoying beer in O'Dell's Brewing beer garden.

Denver…again! We love Denver because it means we will be hanging out with family, friends, and strangers who will become friends. It also means we are a short drive from Boulder and Fort Collins. Some of our favorite breweries lie in the DenBoulLins area and they are adding new ones all the time which can sometimes put us in awkward situation. Do we stick to our tried and true breweries or do we take a leap of faith to explore new ones? The answer: a little of both.

What we thought was going to be short two week visit turned into five weeks as we just kept staying around a little longer to meet up friends, see a show, or visit a brewery. The thing that we love about this area of the country besides the abundance of craft breweries is that we have so many friends and family in the area that is gets real easy to stay one or two more nights to meet up with people. I would say 90% of the nights we stayed on the east side of the state we had had something going on. Instead of inundating you with a detailed play by play of our stay I’ll resort once again to letting the pictures do the talking.

The drinking group with a running problem.

I just so happened to be in town during the Denver Hash House Harriers annual Red Dress Run.

We had hurry there in the first place because Maria had a flight out of Denver to Cincinnati. I was left the fend for myself for a couple days so I decided to try out a Denver Hash. As it happened this was the weekend of their annual Red Dress Run

Beer Cycling

Brewery Map app of downtown Dnever breweries.

Just a few brewery options within biking distance of Stanley.

With the sheer density of craft breweries in the Denver area it is quite easy to hit up multiple spots on bike so that is exactly what we did. At the end of the day we visited a couple old favorites (Vine Street Brewing and Great Divide Brewing) and added three new breweries the the list (River North Brewing, Our Mutual Friend Brewing, and Black Shirt Brewing)

Vine Street Pub and Brewery

Starting our beer cycling trip at an old favorite.

Great Divide Brewing is one of my favorite breweries in country let alone Colorado.

Never get tired of this place.

River North Brewery visit.

First new Denver brewery for us at River North Brewery. (Can you spot our sticker?)

Black Shirt Brewing is new to town and making waves with it's all red ale slate of beers.

Black Shirt Brewing is new to town and making waves with it’s all red ale slate of beers.

Hops and beer...a perfect combination.

Beer mural on the side of Black Shirt Brewing.


_____ also runs the InkyBeer.com beer blog.

A tour of Boulder Beer with assistant brewer, Kim Collins, before some foosball at Twisted Pine Brewing (I won by the way)

Ft Collins

Receipt from Black Bottle Brewery

Our bar tender seemed to like the fact that we were “not in Kansas” anymore.

Enjoying beer in O'Dell's Brewing beer garden.

Guiding our buddy Brian Mister (NoDa Brewing’s Director of Community Optimism) on his first trip to Fort Collins.

Beer travel at the drive-in

Our first trip to a drive-in in the RV.


Beer travel milestone #300

Loveland Aleworks marked our 300th brewery since hitting the road.

Estes Park

Stanley has an observatory.

Dinner and a show on top of the RV in Estes Park. Great spot right on the lake and about a half mile from where the fireworks were being launched.

Red Rocks

Beer travel at Red rocks amphitheater.

Pre-show beer.

Beer travel in Denver

Had to hit up Redrocks Amphitheater before we left.


I didn’t show pics from every brewery we visited but here is the complete list for our most recent stint through Colorado.

  • Dad and Dudes Breweria
  • Vine Street
  • Great Divide
  • River North Brewery
  • Our Mutual Friend Brewing
  • Black Shirt Brewing
  • Oskar Blues
  • Lefthand Brewing Co
  • Boulder Beer Company
  • Twisted Pine Brewing
  • Fate Brewing Co
  • Equinox Brewing Co
  • Grimm Bros Brewing Co
  • Black Bottle Brewing
  • Loveland Ale Works
  • O’Dell’s Brewing Co
  • New Belgium Brewing Co
  • Funkworks Brewing
  • Prost Brewing
  • Tommyknocker Brewing

By the time we left Colorado’s Eastern side we had visited 19 breweries with 9 being new visits and the rest we had visited before. While it seems like a constant up hill battle and that we are always leaving having missed breweries we really wanted to visit it just gives us more reasons to come back.


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