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Stanley Renovations Pt. 2 – Whoop Whoop!

By September 2, 2010Whatchamacallit

Ok, so many of you have been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to see the final touches. I appreciate the interest and now you can wait no more. The last time we talked about the renovations I left you with a wonderful white shell of a beast. This post is going to pick up where we left off, adding color and putting Stanley back together again. Last time I mentioned 1 of 2 of the best ideas we had while working on Stanley was hiring a professional painter, well the 2nd was hiring a professional to install our floor and quarter round. That only cost us $250 and it took him 2 days, which means it would have taken us 4 weeks. SOOOO worth it and the guy did GREAT work. At first we thought we would buy wood laminate but after looking and looking at all the cheap crappy looking laminate we found a cool new product called cushion vinyl. Its like that nasty tile pattern your grandma would have installed in her kitchen 30 years ago but this is backed by 1/8″ of foam and comes in a number of different patterns like stone and yes, still tile. We purchased the quarter round already primed from Home Depot (I believe that was trip #43 on our renovations endeavor) and painted it ourselves to save a little time and money for the pro installation.

We also painted the color in Stanley, green in the kitchen, dark grey in the overhead cab bed area and yellow in the restroom. That wasn’t so hard and it was nice to get some color back in Stanley. The reupholstery helped too. I found a shop that makes furniture for RVs and Boats so I had him make us a couch that folds out into a bed for the back room and he made us new seat covers for the dinette with the same fabric. And then we reupholstered the dinette accents and all of the valances for the top of the blinds. Donna, Brian’s mom, helped make the wonderful blinds in our kitchen and after all that we were pretty much done. Sounds a lot simpler now that I retell the story than when we were actually doing it!

And now what you have all been waiting for the final pics…

Looking forward

Kitchen Dinette new upholstery and accents, notice the nice white blinds! The kitchen light is also new. Brian spray painted everything that was gold, silver, including the puck lights beneath the cabinets. The dogs like to cuddle below the table.

Another view of the dinette and green wall. You also get a glimpse of the curtains Brian's Mom made us to the left.

View from the front towards the back. Here you can see the TV that our good friend Dane helped us mount. It is connected to our Wii, a Mac Mini (which is a tiny computer) and 2TB harddrives with tons of movies and TV shows to keep us entertained. I also have Rosetta Stone and have started to learn Italian on the trip. Il bambino mangio means the boy eats. 🙂

Another one looking towards the back room. We painted the fridge green! Brian is working away on the new couch that folds into a bed. If anyone wants to come join us for a few days on our trek, that is where you can sleep!

Brian's view from the backroom. You will notice our newest addition is the map! This is also a good view of our new Bamboo flooring and the quarter round.

Our route thus far analog style, in pink.

Newly upholstered valance framing the Tetons.

This is where we sleep. We replaced the foam in the bed and topped it with a memory foam mattress. The duvet cover is from Target. It's soo comfy.

A view of our side chairs next to the dinette. These are pretty much the only things we didn't have to touch for renovations and they are super comfy too!

Here is a view of the shitter. 🙂 We hung a shoe organizer on the door as a catch all for all our random stuff like batteries, headlamps, scissors, tape, velcro and the like. Velcro is like my new duct tape, it works for soo much in a RV!

And last but not least the decal on the outside of Stanley comes from WhatIsBlik.com its a Bodhisattva holding lotus flowers and spinning on the 1s and 2s.

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