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The Roaming Pint Gives Back

By January 27, 2012Beer Travel

With all the beer travel we have been doing lately it is easy to feel a little selfish that we are livin’ it up while there are people out there struggling to get by. So we decided it was time for The Roaming Pint to give back.

Habitat for Humanity

Maria spent the last week volunteering for a Habitat for Humanity build in Las Cruces, New Mexico. For those unfamiliar with the program the vision of Habitat is “a world where everyone has a decent place to live”. The program organizes volunteers to build homes for those in need and has a group called the RV Care-A-Vanners that invites RVers to build homes in exchange for RV parking. As a bonus this particular site has full hookups, meaning electricity, water and sewer. To be honest, this is the longest we’ve ever stayed at a place with full hookups and it’s been pretty nice to take a 7 minute shower versus a 1 minute shower. Ah, the little things.


Maria worked each day (8am-2pm) painting doors, vacuuming floors and helping clean up the final stages of 2 houses.

Maria and Kym

Maria and Kym

It didn’t take long for Maria to get talking about good beer and we came to find a couple in the group, Kym and Andy, also love to travel to breweries and drink good beer. We also found out that her team leader, Dyana, confessed to not really liking beer, in which Maria set out on her never-ending quest, standing firm in her belief that there is a beer out there for EVERYONE, even if people think they don’t like beer.

We picked out a few of the beers we had in the fridge, hoping that we could find enough variety to get Dyana to say she liked one. Among the beverages consumed were Shiner’s Alt beer and Dark Lager (from the family pack), Nimbus Nut Brown Ale, a White Chocolate Ale from Sonoran, gifted to us by our good friends Kevin and Molly, and Drake’s Jolly Roger (an Imperial IPA), gifted to us by the ultimate beer travelers, Chris and Merideth. Kym and Andy brought along The Vixen from Samuel Adams, a Chocolate Chili Bock. If we had a little more time and planning, perhaps these wouldn’t be the beers we would have used to try to covert a non-beer lover, but we went with what we had.

A table with beers and tasting glasses lineed-up.


Dyana and Maria

Plenty of samples and many laughs later, we are sorry to report we did not convert Dyana… she ended the night tipping back her beloved red wine, but Maria isn’t giving up yet! We’ve had a good time meeting new friends while working on the build this week in Las Cruces and this surely will not be our last! It’s fun to lend a hand while we continue to spread the gospel of craft beer, preaching the good word to any and all who will listen.

So now it’s your turn, we would like to know, what beers would you serve to try and transition a non-beer lover?


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  • JJ says:

    That was me once… So I know the feeling Dyana. The first hit of a beer that peaked my interest was a Malty thing from Sierra Nevada. I figured anything WITHOUT that hoppy bite and with more Malt was my ticket. Since, i’v found that Belgian Ales… Like err Gulden Draak and then that Monk sour Ale have really rung my bells. 🙂 Just be open… Maria is right, there is something out there for everyone.
    drink slow and try lots!

  • Dyana says:

    I’m still trying!! Thanks for the encouragement! I didn’t realize beer was such a “thing” until Maria and Brian rolled in here. I don’t really feel the need to be converted – I’m pretty happy with my alcohol preferences, but after the attempted reverse intervention, I won’t be as quick to say “no, thanks.”
    Thanks Maria and Brian! Not only for the beer school, but for giving your time and energy so families can have a safe place to call home! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. Hope to see you again somewhere down the road!

  • Kim Hansen says:

    Love our beer tasting night this week. Dyana dragged Andy and I to wineries yesterday. Glad to meet you and Brian, hopefully we will do another build together.

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