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The Roaming Pint Turns 1!

By August 23, 2012Beer Travel
The Roaming Pint's One Year Anniversary

The Roaming Pint's One Year AnniversaryLast week marked one year since Maria and I launched the The Roaming Pint website and two years since we hit the road in our RV to explore the country. While we didn’t start the trip with the goal of visiting as many breweries as possible, you cold say the seeds for TRP were planted well before we even left.

Our home town brewery had shown us how the local brewery can draw together like minded people in a setting that promotes conversation and exposed us to a whole realm of beers that actually had flavor. As members of the Lawrence Home Brewers Guild we met passionate people who loved making beer, not for an sort of monetary gains, but simply to share and enjoy with friends and family. The community atmosphere provided by breweries and the people that inhabit them appealed to us and could help explain why were drawn to them from the very beginning of our trip.

So the story goes that the first state on our trip was Colorado. We had no plan and didn’t know anyone in the area. So what do you do…find a brewery. Upon visiting Bristol Brewing and Trinity Brewing in Colorado Springs we chatted with locals, got the low down on points of interest, tips about the local stops we shouldn’t miss and had some darn tasty beverages. Now that’s what I call a visitors center.

Oddly enough it took roughly 70 or so more of these visits before we realized breweries and craft beer were guiding our travels and a valuable resource of local info and hospitality. We were learning so much about regional cultures, not from historic statues and plaques but from the people who live there. We were meeting a bunch of great people and getting so many tips that we felt we had to share them. Thus The Roaming Pint was born with the goal promoting beer travel by sharing our experiences.

Since launching the site we have have visited 122 breweries and brew pubs (222 since the start of the trip overall). We have been to beer events from coast to coast including: Great Taste of the Midwest (Madison, WI), the Great Nebraska Beer Fest (Papillion, NE), GABF (Denver, CO), San Diego beer week, and Savor (Washington D.C.). and have been exposed to vast stretches of this country that I had never imagined I would see.

But don’t confuse our story with one about racking up rare beer finds on our tally sheet to impress fellow beer geeks. We love the craft beer industry as a whole. The saying that the “industry is 99% asshole free” (-Sam Calagione) is incredibly accurate and I believe that is actually hard to survive in the industry with an asshole attitude. Ultimately our journey is not so much about beer as it is about people that surround it and supporting local business. Beer is product made by people for people, and the people that surround craft beer are some of the best.

Here is a big thank you to some of the people that made our trip extra special, by taking some time to have a beer with us…

  • Everyone at Nebraska Brewing Co. – Paul, Kim, Tyson, Angela, and even the creepy bearded guy with the cool wife! 😉
  • Our favorite brewers to pester at festivals: Steve, Geoff Demon, Kevin, Luke, Tommy and Patrick from Free State Brewing
  • Kevin from Red Eye Brewing
  • Zac at Lucky Bucket
  • Everyone in the South Omaha Brewers group
  • Railroaders Brew Club
  • The whole crew at Grimm Bros.
  • Liquid Poets (Ft Collins home brewers guild)
  • Mayor of Old Town – thanks for your continued support!
  • Funkwerks
  • Crooked Stave Project
  • Our friends at Billy Goat Moving
  • Arlo and everyone at Ska Brewing Co.
  • Steamworks
  • Hanna at Great Divide
  • Abby at AleSmith
  • The whole New Brew Thursday crew
  • NXNW Brewing
  • Austin Beerworks
  • @BeachBumChris
  • Live Oak
  • Southern Star
  • Lazy Magnolia
  • Bob Lorber at Cigar City and Saint Somewhere
  • Tampa Bay Brewing
  • Peg’s Cantina
  • Occupy St. Somewhere crew!
  • Gerard Walen from Road Trips for Beer and Beer in Florida
  • Dunedin Brewing – Mike and Trace 🙂
  • Seventh Sun
  • Ladyface Ale Companie
  • LAB Brewing
  • Andie at Victory Brewing Co.
  • Brooklyn Brewsers (home brew club)
  • Ipswich Ale – Will go down as one of our most memorable visits!
  • Bull Jagger
  • NoDa Brewing – Brian and the whole crew
  • Thebeergeek.com
  • Dread Ramas at Post No Bills
  • Herbie Homebrew
  • @OhBeautifulBeer
  • @BonBeer
  • @BreweryMap – @PintLabs

And to everyone we forgot to add to the list, we love you!

Thank you for your support of our trip. It would not be the same without you.

-Brian and Maria (and the whole Stanley crew!)


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  • We’ll never forget the day Stanley rolled down Agoura Road! Glad to hear you and the old boy (Stanley, not Brian) made it home in one piece. Thanks for drinking local and spreading the craft beer word. Cheers and more happy trails!

    • Maria says:

      Well we have the priests to thank for letting us park ol’ Stanley for the night. Good thing they love your beer too!

  • Gerard Walen says:

    Congrats, Bryan and Marie!*

    You are truly experiencing a journey that you will never regret. Congratulations and cheers!


    *I can spell your names wrong, too!. 🙂 Hope to see you again soon.

  • Gerard Walen says:

    Love you too! When you coming back to FLA? You can park at my new place, or if you want, there’s a cool RV park on the water a few blocks from me.

    • Maria says:

      Awesome!! We will be down there this winter… Dec-Jan. Have plans to be in Cedar Key from Dec. 21-Jan. 21st. I will be in touch when we get closer. Thanks GERARD!

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