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Welcome to The Roaming Pint blog!

By August 12, 2011Welcome
Brian and Maria enjoying beers

Brian and Maria enjoying beers

Thanks for checking out our new website! It’s been a long time coming trying to get this thing up, but we’ve finally got it to a place we feel comfortable taking it public. This site is for beer lovers, beer geeks, whatever you like to call yourself and even those who think they might be beer curious (there’s a shirt for that!) who want to seek out great beer destinations while they travel. The goal of the site is to be map based, first and foremost. We travel full-time and are surprised how many directories of locations exist without a mapping system behind them! You see it a lot in the RV world, 15 years ago grandma and grandpa were lugging around books upon books of maps, navigating their way around (they still are!). Nowadays I have no concept for the new cities we arrive in other than looking at that little blue dot on my iPhone GPS. Secondly, the goal of the site is to provide thoughtful reviews of the places we visit and pass along information we get from other beer friends about the best beer destinations in each area. We spend a lot of time talking to locals to get their opinions as well, and while we can’t hit them all (we wish!) we try to get to the top spots that are personally recommended to us.

Now that is where you come in. The third goal of our site is to hear from you. We want to know if you find something good, or if you see we are in an area of a “can’t miss beer spot” please let us know! The highlights of our trip has always come from taking others suggestions on what to do and rarely have we ever been steered wrong! So please, whatever social media tool you like to use, we are on Facebook, Twitter and Untappd, you can comment on this blog, or you can send us an email, however you’d like. We love hearing from beer friends, it helps keep us company while on those long lonely stretches of highways or campgrounds surrounded by people we don’t know! (We wish all our friends could come join us on our journey and everyone is more than welcome to!) The other highlight of our trip has been grabbing a beer in new cities with new beer friends. Many times someone will see that we are in their city and will plan to get a beer and talk about our love for the craft.

So that’s about it. You can check out some background info on our About page or start reading some of our brewery reviews that we will continuously be adding to daily or help support us on our trip by checking out the items in our Store. New products launching soon as well! We will be using the blog to write about the events we are involved in, sharing craft beer news and just keeping you up-to-date on our status with more than 140 characters.

At this point in our trip we’ve hit 98 breweries since we first embarked on our journey August 15, 2010. This week we are in Madison to attend the Great Taste of the Midwest beer festival on Saturday. Check out our Facebook page for the most recent updates and let us know what you think of the new site!


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