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Beer Gear: B Cups – Plastic IPA Glasses

By May 22, 2015Beer Gear

I first ran across B Cups while putting together TRP’s annual Holiday Gift Guide for Beer Lover’s. Through a series of obscure searches I stumbled on Fermented Reality’s page for a product that seemed to be right up the beer travelers alley.

A travel worthy craft beer specific vessel that didn’t have the limitations of glass (broken glass everywhere!). This is kind of the idea that the Silly Pint wanted to solve except for the fact the silicone didn’t prove to be best material for flavorful beer. The smell was distorted by the silicone material and it attracted hair like no other so it was rarely clean enough to use. Whereas the b-cup used standard food grade plastic and borrowed form factors from Spiegelau’s Iconic IPA glass.

After contacting the creator of the B-Cup, I really wanted to try them out and see if the idea matched up to reality. He sent me a four pack from the first production run to use and abuse free of charge.

I wanted to compare the experience of a beer specific glass vessel versus a plastic version. Being marketed as an IPA glass I decided to use Boulevard’s very delicious and very hoppy Calling IPA as my control element and poured half of the bottle in a TeKu glass and half into a B-cup. Here is what I noticed:

– Very fruity nose. The grapefruit came across in a strong way.
– Flavor seems a little softer and not as dank. And finished a little smoother with less bite. Not as crisp.
– Retained head longer. More Lacing.
– Lost some flavor as it warmed up.

Tiku Glass
– Danker nose with a stark mineral smell.
– Less head. Less lacing (see picture above).
– Stayed cooler longer.

I was pleased with the result of of both and enjoyed some aspects of the plastic glass more. Being the curious guy that I am I had to do a little stress testing to see how the b-cup held up to impact.

As you can see they aren’t indestructible, but that’s not really the point. Considering a two pack of TeKu glasses retail for $36 and a four pack of B-Cups is $15 I would say that plastic glasses are well worth it and can be used in a wide variety of situations that a glass vessel can’t. Bring it camping, to a tailgate, or carry one in your car or backpack and always be prepared.


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