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Beer Travel Guidebook Announcement

By February 5, 2015Beer Travel, Beer Travel Tips, Books

(Working cover. It might end up just like this…but don’t bank on it.)

If you’ve been following the blog lately you might have noticed in my last contribution to The Session (aka Beer Blogging Friday) I made known my desire to author a book about my favorite topic: beer travel. I have hinted at it here and there for awhile now and actually vowed to write it well over 18 months ago.

At the start of 2014 I determined “this is the year that I write my book!”. June, I decided would be my deadline to have the final draft edited, illustrations illustrated, and promotional marketing set up and ready to go.

Needless to say June came and went and I had 15,000 words of incomprehensible half thoughts and ideas spread out over four different word documents. They say there is reason more people aren’t authors, not because writing is necessarily hard, but rather commitment to writing is hard. Alas I was not committed.

I am not a natural born writer. I actively avoided it in junior high and high  school and was always thankful I chose design as my major when my friends were writing papers while I was working on a project in the wood shop. As I have gotten older –maybe even wiser– I grew to understand the importance of communicating with the written word and have found myself even enjoying the writing process (mostly hitting publish and but less so about actually starting).

So with a month of the year gone and many folks resolutions laying dead on the raodside I figured this would be the perfect time to publicly declare my intentions to write the Beer Travel Guidebook. Without the distraction of your own resolutions I hope I can count on you, my readers, to keep me honest on progress.

Needle me with inquires on how it’s going. How many words have a you written? Have you found a publisher yet? Why are posting pictures from a brewery when you should be writing?! Your support will be greatly appreciated, but it doesn’t stop there I need your help to actually write the book.

While the Beer Travel Guidebook (working title) will draw on quite a bit of inspiration from my years of living the nomadic life, ultimately beer travel is not mine to own, it’s a lifestyle that belongs to everyone. I may have more breweries under my belt, but my stories are just as amazing and inspiring as yours.

So how can you help? I’m glad you asked…because I was going to tell you anyway.

  1. Tell me your beer travel stories. Let me know how beer travel has impacted your life. Have an epic road trip thru teh Rockies where you ended up taking craft can shotguns with the mayor of Colorado? Tell me about it. Did a chance encounter at a brewery in Europe change your career path? Perfect, I want to hear the details.
  2. Tell me your beer travel tips. We all have a system for transporting beer when flying. Sneaking craft beer into places where it is “technically” not allowed or a little trick for cooling a beer while camping. I want to see what ingenious method lies behind your madness. Sketches are just as valid as written descriptions.
  3. Sign up for our emails. Use this link to join our mailing list and get updates on the books progress, sample chapters, and there just might be a discount code when the book is finally released 😉
  4. Share it! Lastly, if you know someone else who might enjoy this book go ahead and share it. A simple share on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ will help spread the word far and wide.

Send your stories, tips, tricks, and beer travel related advice to me using the form below. Include your email and name (so we can give credit where credit is due) and share your knowledge. 

Not all submissions will used, but the ones do make it are sure to be awesome. I would like to guarantee a free copy to all selected contributors, but since I don’t have a publisher yet can’t make that claim, but will push for it.

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