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Event: The Roaming Pint Firkin Tapping

By May 6, 2014Events

American Craft Beer Week
is almost here! Join us on the porch at The Free State Brewing Co. for the firkin tapping of our collaboration brew, a hoppy rye black American ale. Commemorative glasses and a band will help celebrate the occasion. This is a limited edition one-time only brew so don’t miss your chance to join in on the fun!

When: 7:30 May 13, 2014
Where: Free State Brewing Co porch
Why: BEER!

__________________________ Official Press Release _____________________________

Free State Brewing Company collaborates with The Roaming Pint for American Craft Beer Week

American Black Ale brewed with beer bloggers and Craft Beer Travelers, Maria Scarpello and
Brian Devine, aka The Roaming Pint to be released during American Craft Beer Week

Lawrence, Kan.: In celebration of American Craft Beer Week, the brewers of Free State
Brewing Company have partnered with the beer travelers of The Roaming Pint in creating a
hoppy American Black Ale itself named The Roaming Pint, featuring Chinook, Galaxy, and
Amarillo hops and seven malts. Chocolate Rye adds a toasty depth, while oats provide a silky,
smooth texture to this Black Ale.

The Roaming Pint started in 2010 after partners Brian Devine and Maria Scarpello, both
designers with the ability to work from the road, decided to embark on a six month journey
around the United States in their trusty RV, Stanley, with their two dogs Ernie and Buddha in
search of great beer, great people, and great times. What began as a six-month endeavor has
turned into a 48,000 mile, four-year odyssey to over 375 breweries around the United States.

So when asked “What’s your favorite brewery?” Brian is quick to answer “Free State Brewing
Co in Lawrence, KS, my hometown brewery… The answer is pretty simple, because a brewery
is not just a place where beer is made it is an environment inhabited by people who share a
love of hand crafted food stuffs. The memories around the beer are formed by the environment,
personalities, and emotional connections. As with most travelers my favorite destination is
the one where I have had the most fun. After living in Lawrence for 10 years and visiting the
brewery hundreds of times I have built a cache of great stories and conversations with or without
a beer buzz…usually with.” – See more at: Why Your Hometown Brewery is the Best Brewery

It’s only natural then that Brian and Maria approached Head Brewer of Free State’s downtown
brewpub, Geoff Deman, with the idea of a collaboration. Scheduling conflicts originally derailed
that idea, but as soon as those cleared, Deman jumped at the chance to work with his friends at
The Roaming Pint. “What these guys have done in four years is certainly enviable. Frankly,
I’m jealous. They are one of the many great stories we are seeing in this rapidly expanding
culture we call Craft Beer. It’s really exciting to be collaborating with them for American Craft
Beer Week.”

American Craft Beer Week is recognized May 12-18, 2014 and celebrates the innovation,
free-thinking creativity, and independent American craft brewers from coast to coast. Sponsored
by the Brewers Association, American Craft Beer Week is an opportunity for today’s craft beer
neophytes, beer enthusiasts, and hard-core beer geeks to celebrate this important unfolding and
expanding culture.

The Roaming Pint Black Ale will be released at the brewery on Tuesday, May 13th
firkin tapping on the Free State front porch in the early evening that will include the release of
pint glass designed by Brian Devine himself. The glass will be available for sale at the brewery.

Free State Brewing Company is Kansas’ original craft brewery. Founded in 1989, Free State
celebrates 25 years of crafting bold flavors for adventurous tastes this year.
American Craft Beer Week


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