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Featured Beer Travelers: Brewz Brothers

The Brewz Bros are a family of beer loving siblings that have made a point to seek out local breweries when they get together. What started out as purely brotherly endeavor has now grown to add a Brewz sister as the youngest of the bunch has come of drinking age. Eldest brother Alex tells us why they travel for beer and how it has brought them closer as a family.


Marc, Lisa, and Alex enjoying “family time”.

TRP: Tell us about yourselves in a haiku.
BB: we are three siblings
searching for the greatest brews
in the USA

TRP: If beer drinking was your “job” what title would you give yourself?
BB: We’d call ourselves the taste testers, and would probably double up as promoters. If we love a good beer, we will pretty much tell everybody we know.

TRP: How did you first get involved with craft beer, and what kept you coming back for more?
BB: A buddy of mine introduced me to Sheffield’s bar in Wrigleyville shortly after I turned 21. Until then, I hated beer. I had only been introduced to beers that end in the world “light” or “ice” at the time, and thought it all tasted like crap. Sheffield’s had a gigantic bottled beer menu, and upon ordering the Bear Republic Big Bear Stout and Abita Purple Haze. My love took off from there, only promoted more by visiting Colorado, and being exposed to how craft beer is a way of life in the Rocky Mountain area. I made sure to introduce to my siblings, and luckily it caught on with them as well.


TRP: How would you define “beer travel”?
BB: Traveling with the main mission being to stop at local breweries.

TRP: What was the inspiration behind Brews Brothers TV?
BB: Three things we all love doing include drinking good beer, traveling, and filming. We wanted to combine our passions into one awesome idea.

TRP: Why is it important to have your family involved?
BB: Nobody else will be able to pull off the chemistry we have. We have known each other since we were born, and can really push at each other’s buttons and make spot-on wisecracks. We can play off each other without any scripted dialogue, which has helped for some awesome improvised moments.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 7.31.19 AM

TRP: Any revelations about beer and travel that you have learned from your trips so far?
BB: Tons of them! Too many to name. One of the big ones is how water quality affects beer. Fort Collins, CO has the best water quality in the United States, and their beer is probably the best of any town we’ve ever been to. The town also now has 12 breweries, and without a doubt the water has something to do with it.

Another pattern we’ve noticed is how all the local breweries of every region know each other. When talking with brewmasters and workers, they always end up mentioning some worker they know at a different nearby brewery. While these guys maintain in business competition, at the same time most of them are friends with one another.

TRP: What is the current state of the show?
BB: Right now we only are available to view online. The best place to view us is on our youtube page, BrewzTV.

TRP: What does the future hold for the Brewz Brothers?
BB: We keep going in and out of talks with production companies about funding to air the show on a cable network. As for now, we still have one more episode in the editing booth that will be released to the public shortly.

Marc ,wishing he could take all those beers behind him home.

Marc ,wishing he could take all those beers behind him home.

TRP: What do the Brewz Parents think about your show? Do they enjoy craft beer?
BB: Our parents would be beyond thrilled.  Our dad even said that he would be the proudest father in the world to brag that his kids make a living by drinking beer.  What we find hilarious is that our parents are not fans of craft beer.  Our mom hates all beer, with the distinct exception of lambics, probably because they taste like fruit juice.  However, she really loves her wine.  Our dad’s favorite beer is Corona.  Whenever we offer him a craft beer, he always turns it down in favor of a cheap beer.  He’s just a man of simple tastes I guess.   We always give him a hard time about his taste in beer, but it’s all in fun.

TRP: Do your beer trips ever feel like family vacations or the other way around?
BB: Our trips usually feel like a vacation, as most of the time we are mingling with people.  The only time it feels like work to an extent is when we are filming an episode.  We’re having fun the entire time, but we have to work on a schedule and make sure we film all the bits we need in time.  After the cameras stop rolling, it’s all fun and games afterwards.

TRP: How many breweries would you say you have visited with your siblings?
BB: It depends on how many of us you can get together as once.  As a group of three, I’d say we’ve been to 75-100 breweries or so.  In teams of two, or by ourselves, we have covered a lot more ground and have been to around 150 breweries with the three of us combined.

Alex, Marc and Jake.

Alex, Marc and Jake.

TRP: Where have been some the favorite beer places you have visited during the show?
BB: Hands down, the place with the best beer we’ve been to is Funkwerks in Fort Collins, CO. Their Belgian saisons and strong beers are top-notch, complex, and full of flavor. Our favorite establishment would still have to be Lunar Brewing Co in Villa Park, IL. It’s the ultimate “corner tavern” brewery, and the guys who run the place seriously know how to have fun.

TRP: Why do you think travel and beer compliment each other so well?
BB: The fun part of traveling is getting to chat with the locals, and getting tidbits of culture. Drinking beer with people in a brewery is probably the best way to get into some good conversation. Sometimes, local food will also influence different types of beer that are available. For example, in the Southwest, many breweries have agave wheats and green chili ales. In the Northeast, many breweries will have blackberry beer in the Summer.

TRP: What is on your beer travel wish list?
BB: Two countries… Germany and Belgium. We admire how Germany can master the rule of “4 ingredients only.” Water, hops, barley, and yeast. And then there is Belgium, who experiment and put anything they want in their beer. We’d also love to attend Oktoberfest in Germany one year.

TRP: Where can we find more about you online? Twitter/Facebook/Website etc.
BB: The best way to stay up-to-date with us is through our Facebook. Our videos can be found on youtube, on our channel BrewzTV. We also have a twitter, which is our best way to communicate with other breweries and bars, at twitter.com/brewztv. And finally, our website tells all about us, at www.brewztv.com.


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