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Featured Beer Travelers: Fixed Gear Beer Crew

TRP: Tell us about your group in 140 characters or less. OR in a haiku
FGBC: FGBC is a group of cyclists dedicated to supporting local craft breweries and businesses who carry craft beer with an emphasis on our North Orange County community.
TRP: How do you define “beer travel”?
FGBC: For FGBC, “beer travel” is getting to and from beer on our bikes.  Our motto is: Ride Fixed. Drink Craft.
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TRP: Tell us a little bit about FGBC? What is the set-up?
FGBC: FGBC is a craft beer drinking group of urban cyclists.  We organize group rides to North Orange County craft breweries, tap houses and pubs.Rides range anywhere from 10 to 30 miles round trip, all riders are welcomed to rendezvous at our meeting spot or can join the ride anywhere on our route.
TRP: What was the inspiration for FGBC?
FGBC: Jarrett and Brendan created FGBC after about 5 or 6 2-man rides that always involved beer – during and after (and occasionally before).  Slowly but surely the idea was hatched that we could be the backbone of a larger demographic that enjoys the same interests as we do – Riding Fixed and Drinking Craft.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 3.20.28 PMTRP: How many participants do you get on average for each 2pint2sday?
It really depends.  Since we call it The Inconvenient Ride – seeing as its on a Tuesday and starting at 7pm – it can be anywhere from 2 to 20 riders.

TRP: Why do cycling and local beer go so well together?
FGBC: It seems like cycling and beer have been a tradition since the inception of the bicycle.  It’s nothing new, we simply decided to take it a bit further by highlighting craft beer and fixed gear culture since they seem to come from the same sub-culture and bring together the same types of people. Enthusiasts.
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TRP: Are you restrictive to fixed or are all cyclists welcome?
FGBC: Absolutely not!  Any bike can ride with us.  We make sure that all of our rides are at a nice leisurely pace.  No man or woman gets left behind.
TRP: What is your favorite aspect of the craft beer scene in North Orange County?
FGBC: We love seeing that the craft beer explosion is still in its early stages in North OC.  We’ve seen breweries open, re-locate, expand and collaborate with one another.  If the trend continues, we hope to be part of the plan to make North OC the best beer destination Southern California.
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TRP: Where can we find more about you online?


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