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Illustrating a Point

By April 27, 2015Beer Travel

Day 1

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? That was the idea behind a series of illustrations I created for All About Beer magazine’s coverage of the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference held in Portland, OR. I had recently challenged myself to learn hand lettering by illustrating a new typographic quote or saying everyday during the month of February.

I knew from my experience at CBC last year that good sound bites were created daily by the likes of seminar presenters, brewers, public figures, and keynote speakers. I knew I coudl emphasize these points by giving them the visual treatment.

The plan was to take one quote each day and illustrate the content to be published on All About Beer’s social platforms later in the day. Simple right? Well, it turns out with all the activities, events, and um, beer, my days were packed to brim already. Somehow I had to carve out 2 hours a day to get these done.

The initial plan was to draw them at the convention center. Possibly sketching ideas in my notebook during a seminar, taking that idea to the media room to refine that concept, and using an exterior window as a makeshift light table to trace and finalize the image.

In reality there was way too much going on at the convention center for me concentrate. Most days I ended up heading back to my nearby hotel in the afternoon and putting in a solid 2 hour block and executing straight thru.

It was a fun yet stressful process that had me freaking out on a couple of occasions as I approached an evening already full of plans and only partially finished with the project. Here’s the end result:


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4



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