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Pints for Pets: Drinking for a Cause!

By June 3, 2014Beer Travel

Maria and I were Juniors in college when the call of the wild started to tug at her animal owning heart strings. As it happened, our next door neighbor was in the market for a furry companion as well and so off we went to where University of Kansas students look for dogs, the Lawrence Humane Society.

When we got to kennel it was a cacophony of barking dogs who were all curious about the new people entering their domain. Every kennel was making noise except for one…the kennel marked Burt & Ernie.

These 10 week old puppies were trying to sleep while everyone else was going crazy. We took it as a sign that we needed to save them from the chaos and walked away with two dogs listed as Labrador/Wire Terrier mixes. Our neighbor got Burt and renamed him to Dexter while we took Ernie. The two brothers grew up together for the first five years of their lives before our neighbor moved away for med-school.


Ernie as pup, happy in the hay, and doing his best hop imitation Terrapin Beer Co.

For the last eleven and a half years Ernie has kept us active and entertained. He’s as quick to jump up and wag his tail wildly when we come home as he is to curl up next to you on the couch after a long day. When we hit the road he took the change in stride while making it a point to guard the RV and warn us when ever a biker comes into his field of vision. More importantly he reminds that we need to get out and about when we have been working on the computer all day.

Now that we were back in town we were given the opportunity to help give back to the Lawrence Humane Society. Tucker, a member of the Lawrence Home Brewer’s Guild and assistant brewer at 23rd Street Brewery revived his Pints for Pets event and was looking for beer donations. We asked our friends at Free State Brewing Co if we could donate a keg of our collaboration beer (The Roaming Pint black ale) to the cause and they heartily agreed and threw in a keg their Brinkley’s Maibock as well.

(left image via Lawrence Brewers Guild)

(left image via Lawrence Brewers Guild)

Between Free State Brewing, 23rd Street Brewery, and the Lawrence Brewers Guild they ended up with 17 beers on tap and spread of food to fill up even the most glutinous imbiber. The weather cooperated as well with a beautiful sunny Lawrence day to greet a crowd ready to support a cause with livers. A donation to the Lawrence Humane Society got you a commemorative glass and all the beer you wanted to drink.
Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.23.07 PM

In the end the event raised $1,313 to help future Ernie’s be rescued and find good homes. We are honored to be part of such a great cause and goes to show once again that good people drink good beer.

If anyone is interested in donating to Lawrence Humane Society please click here.




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