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Seasonal Beer Charts

By April 29, 2014Infographics

Seasonal beers provide breweries a chance to switch things up and do something new. While they are typically scheduled to the brim churning out the flagship brews that their fans have come to expect in their local grocery aisle, seasonals are those unique and creative beers that generate buzz around the industry and the country.

As many of these breweries grow they can’t just brew up a crazy batch on a whim, but rather they have to meticulously plan thier schedules to make time for these one offs. I’ve noticed a trend in the last couple of years that not only are these breweries getting systematic in their efforts that they are also releasing this information to fans and advocates in the form of media ready charts and infographics.

Since my day job involves organizing information visually I thought it would be interesting to gather some of these examples and see how different breweries approach this task.


Founders Brewing seasonal beer chart

Smuttynose Brewing seasonal beer release chart

Bell's Beer seasonal release chart

Cigar City Brewing's beer calendar


Dogfish Head's seasonal beer calendar

Souther Tier's beer release chart

Green Flash Brewing beer release calendarBoulevard Brewing's Smokestack Series calendar


Sierra Nevada beer release calendar

ASTRAL (My favorite)



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