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Sssssweet Taste of Victory

By June 7, 2014Beer Travel

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You can tell Spring has sprung when the metal ting of softball bats hitting soft leather orbs fill the air. Our standard outdoor activities have only taken a slight hiatus with our nomadic wanderings as we have made a habit of migrating back to Lawrence, KS each Spring to scratch that softball itch.

Before we hit the road in the summer of 2010 we played slow pitch softball regularly from early April to mid October each year. We had a solid group of friends that we could count on to fill our roster. The Snakes on the Plains were a constant presence on the Sunday coed recreation softball fields as well as the parking lots.

After each game, win or lose, we set up shop in the lot with a bevy of collapsible chairs and coolers filled with equal parts craft and lawnmower beer. For us, tailgating is just as an important part of the game as hitting and defense. It gives you chance to relax and share stories with friends while enjoying the best weather months Kansas has to offer.

Historic Snakes/Squids Cup.

Historic Snakes/Squids Cup.

With two of tour core group of players set to move to Connecticut in August we figured this was probably going to be the last run as the Snakes so we better make it count. In 7 seasons of playing in this division the closest we had ever finished was second, ironically during our first campaign. It’s not that we were bad, it’s just that we were inconsistent.

However, this was the season where everything aligned. We didn’t have a team of ringers playing down a division. We didn’t have people calling at the last second to say they couldn’t make it every week. Most importantly we didn’t have our usual comedy of errors. In reality slow pitch softball is a game of minimizing your own errors while simultaneously enticing them out of your opponents. By coaxing an ill advised throw out of your opponent a pop-up single can turn into an inside the park home run…and we were damn good at it.


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After 6 weeks and a couple of rain outs we ended up 8-0 and posted a whopping 140 runs while allowing just 55 and besting our long time opponents, Squids in Space, twice to maintain possession of the Snakes/Squids Cup. In typical The Roaming Pint fashion we felt that any good accomplishment deserves a good infographic. So here is a summary of our season in one glorious image.


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