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The Most Important Article On Craft Beer You WIll Read All Year

By May 29, 2014Whatchamacallit

As a semi-active member of social media I have noticed a rising trend in the headlines that stream through my news feeds. These grandiose ambiguous titles that make wide sweeping claims to play on the viewer’s curiosity have an official name: click bait. Their sole purpose it to increase clicks back to the host site.

I have made a personal point to avoid articles with such headlines but even I get sucked in from time to time. This got me wondering what if would look like if these same tactics were applied to the craft beer industry? I took some past craft beer related stories and gave them link bait titles to see how many of you I can entice. Will you be curious enough to click?

Tony McGee addresses room full of beer execs and you won’t believe what happens next!

This one weird trick will allow you to drink more without getting drunk.

A major brewing company is opening a second brewery, but it’s not who you think!

8 extreme beers you won’t believe are real!

Are beer bloggers ruining craft beer?

10 beers no one knows aren’t craft beers

This video of a beer historian with autism traveling the country will restore your faith in humanity.

These amazing labels will change the way you look at beer!

This is the most important community a craft beer fan can join!

The crazy connection between craft beer and sex.

This absurd law could destroy Florida craft beer forever!


Well, did you get baited? Do you have a better one? Please leave your own beer related click bait headlines in the comments section and a winner will be chosen randomly to receive some beer swag we have picked up during our travels.


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