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The Road to 300

By July 23, 2013Beer Travel, Infographics

When Maria and I hit the road in our 29 foot Ford Jayco RV we didn’t have grand plans of visiting every brewery in the US. We didn’t even leave on our trip with the intent of visiting breweries to help focus our travels. We simply wanted/needed a change and that change gave us a chance to see our country in ways we could have never imagined when we thought we were only on a six month road trip.

1,057 days later we have have traveled 39,455 miles and visited our 300th brewery on July 7 – Loveland Aleworks in Loveland, CO. Fittingly Colorado is the state that started us on our craft beer journey when in our first week of nomading Maria said “maybe there’s a brewery here”. That one simple thought reshaped our travels and has introduced to some of the coolest people and places in the craft beer industry.

On a trip like this you end up looking back and simultaneously feel a sense of time flying by and slowly creeping along. Some of our first brewery visits feel like yesterday while tour time in Florida, just four months removed, feel like an eternity ago. Since I am a designer by trade and data junkie by curse I was interested to see just how we got to this point in our travels. So with that I present The Road to 300 infographic.

The Roaming Pint's path to 300 breweries.

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A couple interesting aspects stood out to me when looking back on our travels.
– We have visited breweries in 33 states and two Canadian provinces.
– It is fitting that our home town brewery, Free State Brewing, was #1 as this was the establishment that formally introduced us to craft beer.
– We traveled at a much quicker pace when we started our trip, and clearly enjoyed our freedom from the 9-5, amassing a staggering 51 brewery visits in the first two and half months!
– Brewery visit #100 was one year to the day that we left on our journey from Kansas. We never would have imagined it would lead us to Wisconsin…but they do have a lot of beer.
– Colorado was the first state we hit up in the RV in August of 2010. At the time they had an impressive 116 breweries. Now they have 224 and counting.
– Colorado is also responsible for close to one sixth of our visits.
– When we hit the road in 2010 there were 1,615 US breweries and as of May 2013 there are 2,514 with 1,559 in planning. link

With our 300th brewery behind us we start on our road to 400. A feat that should be accelerated by our desire to get back to the Pacific Northwest where we had zoomed thru on our first pass thinking we were on a limited timeline. It is very possible that Oregon could over take Colorado in our “brewery visits per state” graph. Time will tell… as always, thanks for following along on our travels!

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