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The Roaming Cellar

By January 9, 2014Beer Travel, Beer Travel Tips
Our beer travel bottle collection circa October 2012

As our journey has progressed and we visit more and more breweries in different states we have found ourselves amassing a large bottle collection…for an RV anyways. The fact that in many cases we know we won’t be able to get these treasures once we leave the area increases our desire to take them with us to share our finds with beer friends in other areas who don’t have access to them.

Our beer travel cellar in the RV.

Our closets work well to cellar as they stay at a good cool temp while minimizing light.

Our beer travel cellar is in our closets.

Deep closets = more beer storage.

This leaves with a bit of a problem. With the limited space of an RV we have learned to limit our possessions to those we use regularly. So where do the bottles go? Well, the answer is a little bit of everywhere. We have used our closets, basements, coolers, open floor space and of course the refrigerator.

Our closets are seem to be the best way to store our big bottles as there is plenty of height and seems to maintain a consistent temperature that is neither hot nor cold. It also stays nice and dark 95% of the time which prevents the flavor altering light beams to ruin our beer. Over time my side has assumed more of the storage responsibilities to better suit Maria’s need for clothing storage and my lack of that need.

Ceallaring our beer in the basementt of the RV.

Yes our RV has a basement and it works pretty well for beer storage.

With no end in sight to our travels we have to make some decisions in terms of storage. We either need to drink more beer or find more storage. The problem with drinking more of our cellared beers is that we like to share them so we always end up saying “save that one for a beer geek”. We have beers that we have been holding onto for over two years now and we need people to help us drink them!

Our beer travel bottle collection circa October 2012

Every now and then you need to dig out your bottles to see what you have.

So it has come down to creating more beer storage and wouldn’t you know it we have the potential to open up a basement for just this need. The generator that came with the RV has not run for two years and moreover we wouldn’t use that often if it did work. So we are looking for an opportunity to remove the damn thing and turn that basement storage into a beer cellar/kegerator. (So if anyone knows of a good custom kegerator supplier let us know.)

So that’s how we travel with beer. I’m curious how the rest of you beer travelers carry your fermented trophies as you go about your way?



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  • RVAGOGO says:

    I love how your most prized possessions are your beer and the clothes and generator are just options. Glad to have stumbled upon your blog.

  • Michelle says:

    We’ll have to start stalking you (when we launch) so that we can be the beer geeks you’ve been looking for. (That sounds pretty creepy, really we aren’t. : ) In trade, my husband is very handy and could help design and build a beer cellar/kegerator. He’s done a lot of customizing of our RV already; one reason why we haven’t launched yet.

    • Brian says:

      Only slightly creepy Michelle. Sounds like a good trade for our beer cellar. It’s about time we do something with space. Hope we can meet-up down the road.

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