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The Session #93: Round-Up

By November 21, 2014Beer Travel

Roun-Up-imageThis is the round-up for The Session #93, a monthly beer blogging exercise that is hosted by a different website each month. This was our first time to host the Session and we would be remiss if we didn’t tie it into our own beer and travel lifestyle. So we posited the question of “why do we beer lovers travel for beer?”.

The goal was to bring insight into the reasons we feel compelled to visits local beer spots when we travel (or travel to visit beer spots) and we hoped to gain new insights in the driving factors behind these quests.

We were not disappointed as the following participants ran the gamut of reasons from seeking fresh beers, to trying new things, to engaging with new people and seeking unique experiences.

A big thanks to everyone who threw in their two cents on a topic that is deeply personal to us!

Chris Jensen | Pintwell.com
Compared beer travel with foodies and highlighted his driving factors for seeking out local beer when traveling as interacting with like minded locals, connecting to a new community, and finding new beers that you can’t get at home especially those from small operations that don’t distribute.

Reuben Gray | TaleOfAle.com
Decries Ireland’s lack of initiative in promoting beer tourism and doesn’t necessarily feel that the beer is better or cheaper at the source but wants to support local by coming into the brewery, meeting the people, and giving money directly to them.

Stan Hieronymus | AppellationBeer.com
Posts part of a previous story he wrote for All about Beer about a trip to Pilsner Urquell where he reminisces about the benefits of serendipity while traveling. Pointing out that sometimes the best parts of your beer travels will be the things you never planned for. Also ghosts…

Brett Domue | OurTastyTravels.com
Points out that you can get a greater selection of a brewery’s beer on site where they often have many more seasonal and rare beers available that don’t make it into bottles. Noting that his second motivator is to build a connection with the roots of the brewery.

Derrick Peterman | beer-runner.blogspot.com
Observes that while we don’t know exactly where most of the stuff we ingest comes from we do know where our beer comes from and more often than not you can actually go to that place and watch them make it. Taking us form passive consumer to active participants.

Alan | A Good Beer Blog
Alan approaches the topic as a thought problem that results in the idea that maybe traveling for beer distracts us from the beer that is already around us.

Rachel & Brandon  | Beers at the Bottom
These two beer hiking travelers describe the magical nature that a taproom can provide to the drinking experience and how local breweries become a reflection of the communities they belongs to.

Jon & Kimberly | Brew Explorers
Jon & Kimberly tell us how adventure and community are the main factors behind their beer explorations. Getting to know the people behind the beer and learning about their history and hardships makes each sip taste even better.

Joan Villar-i-MartíBirraire.com / eng.Birraire.com (English version)
List cultural immersion while empathizing with people from other places as beer travel incentives. It allows you to escape the touristy parts of your tarvels and find more genuine locales that you might not otherwise venture to.

The Beer Nut | The Beer Nut
Sides with the search to understand the history and circumstances of the beer rather than taste it at it’s peak. As he describes a beer tasted at the source that was a perfect concoction of off flavors that never should have existed.

Bailey | Boak and Bailey
Tells how proximity to source can effect the flavor of a beer. Just look at Koslch from cologne.

Velky Al | Fuggled.net

Makes the distinction of traveling solely for beer and simply seeking out local beer when traveling. He avoids the former and embraces the later.

Steve | Beers I’ve Known
Enjoys experiencing the bar culture in other countries and relishes finding the odd ball breweries that make unique regional gems.

Douglas Smiley | B More Bistro and Beers
Tells us how he started visiting breweries for bragging rights but slowly realized that visiting breweries opened up a gateway to a whole slew of experiences.

Mark Lindner | MarkLinder.info
Finds that drinking beer at the source increases his understanding of the beers and offers the opportunity to ask questions of the person who made it as well as trying beers that just don’t get out of the brewery.

Aaron Brussat | Beerstone
Waxes poetic about the serendipitous nature of the journey and how a hard traveled path in a foreign country makes each beer served even better while making the comparison that drinking a beer at home versus a brewery as similar to listening to CD versus going to a concert.

Jay Brooks | BrookstonBeerBulletin.com
Gives a historical look at the rise of beer tourism and brewery tours. Then asks why seek out breweries and not other factories before closing with the context that drinking beer at the source might not make it taste better but a better understanding is certainly more satisfying for the soul.

Sean Inman | BeerSearchParty.com
Enjoys the stimulating nature that new experiences provide pointing out that visiting a new brewery stimulates all the senses while your mind immediately starts to process and make sense of your new surroundings. Emphasizing that the journey makes the destination even better.

Alan McCormick | Growler Fills
Examines the benefits of visiting tap rooms while noting that locals always seem to know when a visitor has entered their midst and are quick to engage in conversation and learn their story. Noting that the hard to define”vibe” is the goal of his quests to experience each operation’s personality.

Oliver Gray | LiteratureAndLibation.com
Tells a compelling tale of a visit to Alaskan Brewing Co to illustrate that beer travel isn’t about the beer, but rather about the people and culture in which it is created. Astutely pointing out that it’s one of the best ways to learn the true face of a new place.

Glen Humphries | BeerIsYourFriend.org
Simply likes beer and so he seeks out beer places nearby whether a family destination or other vacation.

Brian Yaeger | BrianYaeger.com
Views drinking as a team sport that introduces you to a taste of local culture. Don’t read about your favorite breweries go visit them.


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