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The Session #95: Dream Beer Book?

By January 2, 2015Beer Travel
The Session - Beer Blogging Friday

The Session - Beer Blogging Friday
The Session is a monthly beer blogging exercise that asks beer centric bloggers to answer a question set forth by a different person each month. This month’s topic is hosted by A Good Beer Blog and posits the question:

What beer book which has yet to be written would you like to see published?

More specifically – “What is the book you would want to write about good beer? What book would you want to read? Is there a dream team of authors your would want to see gathered to make that “World Encyclopedia of Beer and Brewing”? Or is there one person you would like to see on a life long generous pension to assure that the volumes flow from his or her pen? Let us know.”

In a strictly selfish vein, the book that I would most like to see written is my own. Like most writers I have a back burner project for the most comprehensive book on ________ ever written. Since I conceded my strict stance that “I am not a writer” and any book documenting my beer travels would need to be written by a ghost writer I have been in the “planning” stages of writing The Beer Travel Guidebook.

While there are numerous regional and state based brewery guides I have yet to run across a book that outlines the tenants of travel  through a beer focused lens. The idea has been simmering in my mind while collecting great stories over these last four and a half years of nomadic life and boiled over after reading — er listening to– Rolf Potts classic guidebook, Vagabonding.

While this book will draw on personal experiences of life on the road and full time travel it will not be a memoir but rather an instructional manual for building beer travel into your everyday life while using real world stories and illustrated diagrams and graphics to emphasize equals parts travels, the craft beer industry, and the overlap that can be found between.

So in the season of resolutions and goal setting it seems the perfect opportunity to declare that this is the year that this book will get written. I call upon you, my beer writing peers to hold me to this now public declaration and call me out if progress is not made public or updates become stagnant.

In an attempt to obscure the fact that the above is pretty much a self promotional entry into a Session aimed at promoting ideas that are bigger than one’s self I will also answer the question from an objective point of view.

I would love to see a book on the craft beer community from an outsider’s point of view who can really dig into a topic to uncover the things that we can’t see being so close to the industry. Analytical writers like Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Pink, the Freakonomics guys and even Seth Godin seem to have the ability to research, dissect, and put together unique perspectives on systems and industries that many take for granted. I would be fascinated to glean their takes on an industry where many seem to rehash the same old story lines of community, small business, and big vs small.

So that’s my entry, a self indulgent declaration of action and an unlikely combination of economists doing a deep dive into the industry we love.




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